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Long-distance calling


In telecommunications, a long-distance call or trunk call is a telephone call made outside a .... Transatlantic International Direct Dialing between New York (212, 718 and 914 area codes) and London...

International Long Distance Calling Made Simple Tip Sheet ...


Check with your long distance service provider to find out how to dial internationally from ... code, or if your provider has different instructions for international calls.

AT&T International Long Distance Dialing - Home phone Support


Call international numbers with AT&T International Long Distance Dialing. ... Visit att.com/traveler to view access numbers, dialing instructions, and language ...

International Long Distance Calls | Verizon Wireless


... in touch with family & friends. Explore Verizon's long distance call plans here. ... Tell us your country to obtain rates and dialing instructions. Afghanistan; Aland  ...

Dialing Instructions - University of Colorado Boulder


Long Distance Calls within the United States or Canada. 8+1+Area Code+7-Digit Number; Wait for Confirmation Dial Tone; Enter Authorization Code.

Dialing Instructions - Information Technology and Services


Campus Calls: Dial the last 5 digits of the campus extension. Emergency: Dial " 711". Local Calls: Dial 9 + Local Number. Long Distance: Dial 8 + 1 + Area Code  ...

Using telephones in USA. Land line, cell phone, local phone call ...


Land line, local phone call, long distance phone call, collect call, toll-free phone call, ... All area codes are three-digits long and phone numbers are seven-digits.

Faculty & Staff Dialing Instructions


Toll-free area codes include 800, 877 and 888. Long Distance, Dial 6 + 1 + Area code + Seven-digit number (click here to find the area code for any US or ...

Dialing Features & Instructions | Information & Technology Services


Dialing Instructions. Campus, Local, & Long Distance Dialing. The RIT telephone system provides direct inward dialing, direct outward dialing and dialing ...

Dialing Instructions - Information Technology at Purdue


Local calls, 7 + XXX-XXXX. Toll Free, 7 +1 + (area code) XXX-XXXX. Long Distance (University Official business only), 7 + 1 + (area code) XXX-XXXX.

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How to Call Internationally - Country Codes


Step-by-step directions for long distance calling from country to country, using international dialing code that includes IDD, country code and area code.

International Country Calling Codes and World Time Zones


Country Calling Codes Home International calling made easy! .... and use CountryCallingCodes any time you make a long distance call or need to provide your ...

Long Distance Dialing Instructions | Consolidated Telephone Co.


Collect Calls Please refer to these instructions for long distance dialing procedures within Nebraska. When visiting outside Nebraska, consult the local.