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Whoever out there who feels the same... Don't worry, love will come in the right time. Just be patient.


Read, Share and Connect with beautiful true love poems. True Love Poems attempt to capture what is true love. Finding real True Love is incredibly special.


Hey, my name's Justine...I didn't write this poem from experience or anything. I just wrote what I felt. :)


"Looking for Love" Quotation ... sweet love words... Quotes about LOVE, quotes - friendship poems - friendship pictures - definition of friendship - friendship ...


Just lost love that doesn't know where to go, so if I gave my love to all I don't know , then I will be here even after I'm gone from this world, just my way of helping.


Oct 25, 2007 ... Looking For Love by I Love My Wife Forever. .Sitting in my computer Looking for the view Looking for love What can I do Holding the mouse ...


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What I'm Looking For - What I'm looking foris an unmarked doorwe'll walk throughand ... What I'm looking foris a golden bowlcarefully repaireda complete world ... and if I were to say I love you and I do love you and I say it now and again and ...


In Search Of You. Author: Himanshu Deshpande At times in life, when I stop distressed, To find my wounds, lying undressed; And pain is all that I can feel, With ...