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Render safe procedure


The render safe procedure (RSP) is the portion of the explosive ordnance disposal procedures ... A low order detonation is generally a controlled ordnance detonation or a malfunctioned ordnance deto...

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A high-order detonation is a complete detonation of the explosive at its highest possible velocity. A low-order detonation is either incomplete detonation or ...

Low order detonations leave - Answers


leave large ordnance fragments containing explosives and may leave chuncks or pieces of exposed explosives; do not move remaining debris.

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Jun 29, 2015 ... In perforating charges, a low-order detonation usually means a failure to produce effective perforations, although gas pressure may rise sharply ...

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In order to be classified as an explosive material the product must meet specific criteria, including. 1. Fuel. Solid or ... Sample causes of Low Order Detonation.

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HMX has a low water solubility, low mobility and is less toxic than RDX. RDX is mobile ... Dud rate 0-5% and low order detonations results in RDX spread by.

fc? o Sampling Strategies Near a Low-Order Detonation and a ...


Nov 14, 2004 ... Soil sampling near the low-order detonation revealed the presence of potential " hot spots" and showed that the concentrations of RDX and.

Low explosive vs. low order explosion - InterFire


These two terms, although they seem similar, in fact describe very different things . A low explosive is a material that has an explosion velocity of less than 1000 ...

High explosive vs. high order explosion - InterFire


A high explosive is a material that has an explosion velocity of greater than 1000 m/s, or a material capable of sustaining a detonation. A high order explosion ...

TNT particle size distributions from detonated 155-mm howitzer ...


We collected residues from 8 high-order and 6 low-order non-tactical detonations of TNT-filled 155-mm rounds. We found significant variation in the amount of ...

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What is a low-order detonation - Answers


A low-order detonation is either incomplete detonation or complete detonation at lower than maximum velocity -OR- leave large ordanance fragments containing ...

Explosive Residues from Low-Order Detonations of Heavy Artillery ...


Low-order detonations are produced by artillery and mortar rounds that fail to function ... near low-order detonations of 155-mm artillery rounds at several Army  ...

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A conical fin mated with a GP bomb results in a low-drag general-purpose bomb. ... or fuze may cause the warhead to dud or experience a low order detonation.