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Deputy Commissioner for Program Services. 9 ... Access Officer, New York State Department of Correctional Services, State ..... Leclaire, Lucien, J., Jr. - Security.

Lucien J. Leclaire, Jr. named DOCS Acting Commissioner


Aug 29, 2006 ... Commissioner Leclaire began his career with the Department as a ... most recent position of Deputy Commissioner for Correctional Facilities followed ... of the New York State Department of Correctional Services - the fourth ...



Apr 25, 2013 ... Lucien J. LeCLAIRE, Jr., Deputy Commissioner, Department of ... of the New York State Department of Correctional Services (“DOCS”), ...

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of the New York State Department of Correctional. Services (DOCS), and in his individual capacity;. ANTHONY J. ANNUCCI, in his capacity as Deputy .... Defendant Lucien J. Leclaire, Jr., was Acting Commissioner of DOCS from. August 30 to ...

Dying Twice: Conditions on New York's Death Row


A. Location. The New York State Department of Correctional Services ..... note 62, Memorandum from Lucien J. Leclaire, Deputy Commissioner, Depart- ment of ...

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Mar 7, 2012 ... ... COMMISSIONER BRIAN FISCHER, Department of Correctional Services in his official and individual capacities, LUCIEN J. LECLAIRE, former Acting Commissioner Department of Corrections in ... Deputy Solicitor General, for Eric T . Schneiderman,. Attorney General of the State of New York, New York,.

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Dr. Raymond BROADDUS, Deputy Commissioner ... of the New York State Department of Corrections, ... Benjamin Lee, AAG, State of New York Office of the ... services for inmates. ... Commissioner for Correctional Facilities Lucien LeClaire.


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Oct 7, 2015 ... ... in his capacity as Deputy Commissioner and Counsel for DOCS, and in his individual capacity; LUCIEN ... Fischer was aware of Earley, and, as commissioner of DOCS, had the authority to decide ... New York State Department of Correctional Services, and People v. ..... Glenn Goord and Lucien LeClaire.

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Nov 14, 2014 ... Deputy Solicitor General. CECELIA C. CHANG ... against state corrections and parole officials who enforced ... Lucien J. Leclaire, Jr., Glen S. Goord, Andrea W. Evans ... either by the New York State Department of. Corrections ...

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Dec 17, 2015 ... Elusive Data on Supermax Confinement, 88 Prison J. 69 (2008) ..... defendant Lucien J. LeClaire, Jr., Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Correctional Services ("DOCS"), to dismiss the 2010 Complaint ...

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12th Annual Memorial Service and Medals Ceremony June 14 ... 178 KB; List of 35 New York State prison employees who have died in the line of duty. ... Deputy Commissioner for Facility Operations Lucien Leclaire addresses the audience.

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Jun 4, 2013 ... ... of the New York State Department of Correctional Services; Lucien J. Leclaire, Jr., ... J. Annucci, DOCS's Executive Deputy Commissioner and counsel, ... Lucien J. Leclaire, Jr., former Acting Commissioner from August 30, ...

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Please Help! NY DOC - What You Need to Know. ... 518-457-1748 Executive Deputy Commissioner / Annucci, Anthony 518-457-1281 ... 518-457-8138 Dep Com for Correctional Facilities / Leclaire, Lucien J, Jr. 518-457-5902 ... Administrative Services: Bldg. 2, State Campus, Albany, NY 12226-2050