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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Symptoms
Symptoms can vary and can change over time. Common symptoms include: severe fatigue, painful or swollen joints, headaches, rash on cheeks and nose called “butterfly” rash, hair loss, anemia, blood-clotting problems, raynaud’s syndrome ... More »
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Symptoms of Lupus
The symptoms of lupus include achy joins, a fever over 101, arthritis, prolonged fatigue, anemia, skin rashes, chest pain and sun sensitivity. Consult with a qualified physician to diagnose lupus with advice from a nurse and respiratory care practitioner... More »
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The list of potential symptoms of lupus is lengthy. Other symptoms include muscle pain, chest pain, osteoporosis, and ...

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No two cases of lupus are exactly alike. Signs and symptoms may come on suddenly or develop slowly, may be mild or severe, and may be temporary or ...

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You probably have heard of lupus, but do you know the lupus symptoms to look out for? You should, since this disease affects more than 5 million worldwide.

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Do you want to know some lupus symptoms and signs? Lupus is a very difficult disease to diagnose. It rarely presents itself the same way in any two people.

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Many of these symptoms occur in other illnesses. In fact, lupus is sometimes called "the great imitator" because its symptoms are often like the symptoms of ...

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Although no two cases of lupus are alike, there are symptoms—things that a person with lupus feels or experiences as opposed to a doctor testing for—that ...

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