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Doe v. General Electric, et al., Breast Implant Litigation, Circuit Court of Cook County, Il. ... Benish v. Superior Ambulance. Circuit Court of Cook County, IL. Obtained ... Filed a motion for summary judgment based upon Celotex Corp. v. ..... Superior-Air-Ground Ambulance ..... Lycoming Engines, a Division of Avco Corporation.



Aghavni V. Kasparian, Los Angeles ... TO USED AIRCRAFT PARTS AND OVERHAUL MANUALS. Christopher S. Hickey ..... V. CTB, Inc. et al., 2013 WL 3458073 (2013); Hoffeditz v. AM .... division of a company was purchased and the successor undertook ..... AVCO Corporation, the parent company of Lycoming , who.

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MLYSES ALEXANDRIR YA J R NELSON ET AL. NAY 67 .... Air Force Systems Command, Aeronautical Systems Division, Dayton, OH. Aircraft ... Avco Lycoming , Subsidiary of Textron, Stratford, CT. Garrett Turbine Engine Company, Phoenix, AZ .... To reduce parts cost, engine cost, and life cycle cost (including fuel cost).

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Mar 11, 2009 ... 1931: Reorganized as Aircraft Production Corp. ... Bach 3-CT-6 Single-engine mod [NC219H] (Clark Scott coll) .... The Thing c.1950 = 2pChwM; 115hp Lycoming; span: 12'4" v: x/145/x. .... Bomber SEE Engineering Division NBL-1. ... POP: unk [513K c/n S-35879, 936N c/n C-15, et al], the first (with 80hp ...

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102 S.Ct. 252. 70 L.Ed.2d 419. PIPER AIRCRAFT COMPANY, Petitioner, v. Gaynell REYNO, Personal Representative of the Estate of William Fehilly, et al. .... in the Superior Court of California, claiming negligence and strict liability.1 Air ..... Avco-Lycoming, Inc., the manufacturer of the plane's engines, was also named as a ....

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in a plane powered by a 24 horsepower engine.5 ... 1909: Wright Cycle Company delivers first aircraft to U.S. Army Signal Corps and .... Late 1920' mergers ending with 3 conglomerates, Boeing, Avco, General Motors. .... 54 Bluestone et al 1981, p. .... 1959: The aircraft, aerospace, and parts industry emerged as the largest .....

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FACTS: [Much of this information comes from Mobil Oil Company, 1990,'91,'92] ... and Wax which accumulate on engine parts once oils have burned or boiled off. ... Viscosity Index, Flash Point, etc., show that sythetic oils are superior in the lab. ..... Desert Research Center, Avco Lycoming (aircraft engine manufacturerers), ...

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ARCH AUTO PARTS: Violates Fair Labor Standards Act, Suit Claims ATLANTIC .... The other Defendants are Avco Corporation and its Division, Lycoming Engines Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.; CBS Corporation; Cytec Industries, Inc. ... Corp., and its Division Pratt & Whitney. ... The class action lawsuit styled Mooney, et al. v.

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Apr 1, 2014 ... Original Assignee, Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. .... A vessel according to claim 1 wherein the hull comprises an air lock. ... 8,408,155 by Gregory E. Sancoff et al. for FLEET PROTECTION ATTACK CRAFT, which ...... gas turbine (jet) engine manufactured by Lycoming Engines (a division of Avco Corporation, ...

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Oct 2, 1983 ... Starduster Corporation can no longer offer new Lycoming engines to it's ... Al 1 of our Fiberglass products prices have increased along ... AWAVCD LYCCJIVIING DIVISION ... reduce the risk of propeller flange failure, Avco Iiycoming .... EN VA V . \rp_2 $185. 00 SAF AIR QUICK DRA L ES. (All Fuel Tamks ...

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Installation of Avco Lycoming IO-360-A1B6 or IO-360-A1B6D engine ... Robert L & Barbara V. Williams, 117 East First, Udall, KS 67146 ... Riley Aircraft Corp., 2016 Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad, CA 92008 ... Windy's Aircraft Parts, Div. of Southern Avn. of Laurel, Inc. ..... Lycoming Division 0-320, 0-360, IO-360, etc series

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Oct 8, 2009 ... APPELLANTS, v. PRECISION AIRMOTIVE CORPORATION ET AL., ... Engine Division; Textron Systems Corporation; Avco Corporation; and Textron, Inc., ... “ Unison”); the manufacturer of the aircraft's engine, Lycoming, and certain .... 19} In February 1990, an Alaska Superior Court judge found by clear and.

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Feb 23, 2007 ... ... Avco Lycoming (AL) 540 series reciprocating engines, and Superior Air Parts, Inc. (SAP) 360 series reciprocating engines. This AD requires ...



Jun 1, 2007 ... Roberts v. Delmarva Power & Light Company, et al. C.A. No: ... Complaint states that the Aubrey Plaintiffs are suing Avco Corp. and its Textron. Lycoming Reciprocating Engine Division2, Superior Air Parts, Inc.3, Precision.

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Jul 30, 2013 ... PAUL THOMAS CREWS, as personal Representative, ET AL., ... 1 [*3] The engine was manufactured by Avco's unincorporated division, Lycoming Engines. ... ¶4 Precision developed the float pursuant to its parts manufacturer .... Counsel stated that, pursuant to company policy, "certain categories of ...