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What Is Lyrical Dance?
Lyrical dance fuses modern ballet and jazz techniques together to create a very unique performance, and it is often narrative in nature. Find out more about this emotional type of dance with helpful information from the owner and director of a dance... More »
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Lyrical dance

Lyrical dance is a style of dance created from the fusion of ballet with jazz and contemporary dance techniques and is a "cousin" to those styles.Lyrical dancing  ... Dance&v=YutJVYSNMEE
May 10, 2010 ... Searched best dance solo on YouTube and I get this? Kalani hilliker is ... Better to be graceful to perform lyrical dance or improvisation as I do. Dance&v=18MFUE0Vpgw
Apr 13, 2014 ... SO, my sister came to NYC this weekend and surprised me with some coreo she has been fooling around with for "human" by Christina Perri.
A lyrical dancer uses movement to express strong emotions such as love, joy and anger. Music used for lyrical is typically emotionally charged and expressive. Movements in lyrical dance are characterized by fluidity and grace, with the dancer flowing seamlessly from o... More »
By Treva Bedinghaus, Guide

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Lyrical dance is a fusion of ballet and jazz dance techniques. Lyrical dance challenges choreographers and dancers to use motion to interpret music and ...

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Lyrical dancing is a relatively recent form of dance coming from a fusion of jazz dance and ballet. Aside from having a beautiful and expressive choreographic ...

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Lyrical dance is a dance form that combines modern dance, jazz, and ballet. Unlike other forms of dance, lyrical dance focuses...

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Q: How to Choreograph a Lyrical Dance.
A: Things You'll Need. Music. Stools. Chairs. Boxes. Instructions. Listen to selections of music. Decide on a piece of music that matches the idea or mood you want... Read More »
Q: How to Choreograph a Lyrical Dance.
A: 1. Listen to selections of music. Decide on a piece of music that matches the idea or mood you want to create. Pay attention to the beat and rhythm as well as t... Read More »
Q: When was lyrical dance created?
A: Lyrical Dance was created during the mideivel times, but some may argue that the Romans, Greeks, Persians and Egyptians might have used it also. This type of da... Read More »
Q: What is lyrical dancing?
A: lyrical dancing is a mix of jazz and ballet dancing.Lyrical is soft and beautiful, it tells a story as you dance. Read More »
Q: What Is Lyrical Dance?
A: Lyrical dance is a dance style that blends. ballet. and. jazz. dance. Lyrical is generally smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz.... Read More »