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M16 rifle


The M16 rifle, officially designated Rifle, Caliber 5.56 mm, M16, is a United States military adaptation of the ArmaLite AR-15 rifle. The original M16 was a ...

Here's why the US military is replacing the M16 - Business Insider


Oct 28, 2015 ... The Marine Corps is replacing the M16 with the M4 carbine as the primary weapon for the infantry. Here's why. The M16A4 may soon retire.

M16A2 5.56mm Semiautomatic Rifle


Although opposed by the Ordnance Corp, the Armalite AR-15 was adopted by the Secretary of Defense as the 5.56mm M16 rifle. The M16 was selectable for full ...

Colt M16A4 Rifle


The Colt M16A4 Rifle is the fourth generation of the M16 series weapon system, and is the world standard by which all other weapons of this class are judged.

M16 - Uncyclopedia - Wikia


The M16 is an magazine fed, air cooled, direct gas impengment powered assault rifle designed by Eugene Stoner and Howard Johnson in August 1935.

Marine grunts react to switch from the M16 to the M4


Nov 1, 2015 ... Marine grunts are applauding their new commandant's decision to arm the service's infantrymen with the M4 carbine in place of the iconic M16 ...

Aug 30, 2013 ... Shooting and discussing the iconic M16 / AR15 / M4 platform. The upper on this select fire lower is actually my 6920 Colt, which performs ...

The Marines are slowly saying goodbye to the M16 rifle - The ...


Jul 28, 2015 ... The Marine Corps' long, sometimes twisted, relationship with the M16 rifle is slowly coming to an end. On Monday, the Marine Corps Times ...

M16 5.56mm Rifle - GlobalSecurity.org


Jul 31, 2012 ... The M16 and M16A1 used a 5.56mm (.223 caliber) cartridge in 20- or later ... The M16 was called the "black rifle" and "Mattel toy" thanks to its ...

M-16: Made by Mattel? : snopes.com


Jun 12, 2015 ... Rumor: The M-16 rifles used by American troops in Vietnam were manufactured by the Mattel toy company.

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M16 Assault Rifle | Military-Today.com


The famous M16 assault rifle was adopted by the US Army in 1964. The M16 is considered as one of the best assault rifles in the world.

M16 rifle | firearm | Britannica.com


Assault rifle developed as the AR-15 by American engineer Eugene Stoner of ArmaLite Inc. in the late 1950s. The rifle received high marks for its light weight, ...

Modern Firearms - M16 M16A1 M16A2 M16A3


Armalite / Colt AR-15 / M16 M16A1 M16A2 M16A3 M16A4 assault rifle (USA) The original AR-15 rifle is a gas operated, selective fire, magazine fed weapon.