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Human genetic clustering


Human population structure can be inferred from multilocus DNA sequence data (Rosenberg et al. 2002, 2005). Individuals from 52 populations were examined ...

Mild cognitive impairment and deficits in instrumental activities of ...


Mar 18, 2015 ... Farias et al., however, reported no lack of awareness in patients with MCI compared ... of IADL in MCI versus healthy controls and/or dementia patients. ..... Applying the Everyday Technology Use Questionnaire, Rosenberg et al. .... CW, RB, BD, MEw, EG, MGK, PM, JLM, MGMOR, JMO, ES, TS, RS, MT and ...

Clines, Clusters, and the Effect of Study Design on the Inference of ...


Dec 9, 2005 ... Noah A Rosenberg,; Saurabh Mahajan,; Sohini Ramachandran,; Chengfeng Zhao, .... Consequently, they claimed that the geographic clusters obtained by Rosenberg et al. .... Mean Clusteredness versus Number of Loci.

Rosenburg v. IBM Corp. - Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho


Rosenburg, et al. v. International Business Machines Corporation was a collective action (FLSA) and also a class action (several states' wage/hour laws) which ...

Searching for Chameleon-like Scalar Fields


Dec 3, 2010 ... scopes we found a statistically significant velocity offset ∆V ≈ 27±3ms−1 (1σ) between the inversion ... Petersburg Nuclear Physics Institute, 188300 Gatchina, Russia, e-mail: mgk@mf1309.spb.edu ... Levshakov, S. A., Molaro, P., Kozlov, M. G., et al. ...... G. Rybka, M. Hotz, L. J. Rosenberg, et al., Phys. Rev.

Simazine - Environmental Protection Agency


Jun 29, 2015 ... MGK-264. 057001. 0057185 ..... 2001; Rayner et al. 2006 and Rosenberg et al. 2008; cited in the SAP reports for atrazine). Stoker et al. (2002) have also .... EDSP Tier 2 studies recommendations are presented in Section V.

Journal of Perinatology - Synthetic surfactants: where are we[quest ...


Only the incidence of pneumothorax was reduced using beractant versus ... Thus, the only one contributing data is that of Kukkonen et al., which ..... PubMed | ChemPort |; da Costa DE, Pai MGK, Al Kusaiby SM. ... Article | PubMed | ISI | ChemPort |; Hudak ML, Farrell EE, Rosenberg AA, Jung AL, Auten RL, Durand DJ et al.

PDF(685K) - Wiley Online Library


et al., 2011), and expression of pmoCAB for group OPU3 ... ents leading to microbial blooms (Diaz and Rosenberg, .... including those recovered in this study, using Primer Express (V ..... MCB (EF-0541797 and MCB-0948202 to M.G.K.) pro-.

an assessment of bird habitat quality using population growth rates


1997, Rosenberg et al. ... ulation dynamics across landscapes (Hanski et al. 1996). Demographic rates such as nest ..... v.> 0. 0\. TABLE 1. Mean annual productivity (fledglings per female) ::! ...... and C are available upon request from MGK.

A Part of Glucosylceramide Formed from Exogenous ...


Procedures”) is according to Basu et al. ... mgk f. t. 0.22 f 0.04. 0.13. " ND, not detectable. FIG. 1. Electron micrograph of the ... v/v/v, as the eluting solvent system.

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