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ML is a general-purpose functional programming language developed by Robin Milner and others in the early 1970s at the University of Edinburgh, whose ...

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Ml Language


The FunctionalProgrammingLanguage ML was originally developed by RobinMilner (TuringAward 1991) and was the first language to include ...

ML – The Trilinos Project


Welcome to the homepages for ML, Sandia's main multigrid preconditioning package. ML is designed to solve large sparse linear systems of equations arising ...

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ML Defined for Kids. ml. abbreviation. Definition of ml for Students. milliliter. Medical Dictionary. ml. abbreviation. Medical Definition of ml. milliliter. mL.

Errata: Modern Compiler Implementation in ML


Preliminary 1997 edition, entitled Modern Compiler Implementation in ML: Basic Techniques · First printing of first edition (1998), entitled Modern Compiler ...

Extracting, transforming and selecting features - Spark 2.0.1 ...


import org.apache.spark.ml.feature.{HashingTF, IDF, Tokenizer} val sentenceData = spark.createDataFrame(Seq( (0, "Hi I heard about Spark"), (0, "I wish Java ...

ML Pipelines - Spark 2.0.1 Documentation


In this section, we introduce the concept of ML Pipelines. ML Pipelines provide a uniform set of high-level APIs built on top of DataFrames that help users create ...

Clustering - Spark 2.0.1 Documentation


import org.apache.spark.ml.clustering.KMeans // Loads data. val dataset = spark. read.format("libsvm").load("data/mllib/sample_kmeans_data.txt") // Trains a ...

MLlib: Main Guide - Spark 2.0.1 Documentation


MLlib is Spark's machine learning (ML) library. Its goal is to make practical machine learning scalable and easy. At a high level, it provides tools such as:.

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Standard ML of New Jersey


The Standard ML of New Jersey compiler and programming system.

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ml : What made me understand how much you loved John Lennon was how ... the British and hence, at the Patiala Peg, drinks are served in 75 ml glasses, ...