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What Are Mod Chips?
Software updates for computers, cell phones and gaming systems, such as a PlayStation console, are common, and they are used to ensure that consumers have the most recent technology available. Game system console updates come with restrictions in order... More »
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A modchip (short for modification chip) is a small electronic device used to alter or disable artificial restrictions of computers or entertainment devices. Modchips ... 3ds flashcard, ps3 modchip, xbox 360 modchip, wii ...

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There have been rumours in the last day or two that someone will be coming out with a PSP mod chip that allows homebrew to run on any PSP. It works as a second memory chip in the PSP, so if you add it to your system, the original PSP flash is left alone, meaning you ca... More » - Mod chips and modchips for all consoles. Your Wii ...

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OzModChips is a Melbourne based business that imports and sells modchips directly to the consumer and in bulk to businesses.

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History: PS3 wasn't hacked for a long time. All the fun happened on 3.41 firmware , and then a couple of months after we got custom firmware for 3.55. On 3.56 ...

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Contoller Mods (3) >> · Cooling .... PS2 Motor Driver Chip Board · PS2 New .... FULL OPTICAL BLOCK KEM-450AAA FOR PS3 SLIM *NEW* · Glow Mod.

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Q: What Are Mod Chips?
A: Mod chips are small, electronic devices that are used to disable security features and restrictions embedded in gaming consoles by the manufacturer. Mod chips a... Read More »
Q: What is an xbox mod chip?
A: Mod is short for modification. A mod chip is used to allow you to play copied games or Read More »
Q: How much is a mod chip?
A: $49.95 on Amazon! Happy gaming! Read More »
Q: What is mod chip?
A: a modchip is a chip that allows you to put a hacked BIOS in your xbox. it tells the xbox that it is a game machine that can also do media and games and linux. t... Read More »
Q: What is a mod chip?
A: It's a piece of hardware that you have to install to add functionality to your console. So basically it lets your console do stuff that it wasn't intended to do... Read More »