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Bibliography of Literature on The Italy-to-USA Avventura


Balancio, P., and D. Fusaro. "The Italian ... 11 Passato Perpetuo: Fotografie de Ernesto Bazan con due saggi da Robert Viscusi e Jerre Mangione. ... Yogi: It Ain't Over . ... Brownstone, David M., et al. ... Men of Respect - A social History of the Sicilian Mafia. ..... Foner, Philip S. The A.F.L. in the Progressive Era 1910-19...

Informer: Mafia History Journal - Index for 2008 and 2009 issues


American Federation of Labor (AFL-CIO), I: 7, 9, 11. ... C Calabrese, Frank Sr., I: 47 Campagna, Louis "Little New York," I: 21, 27 pic Capone, Al, I: 21, ... Individual print issues can be purchased through informer.magcloud,com. ..... IId: 12, 28-29 early Mafia bosses, IIb: 39-41 Little Sicily neighborhood early 1900s, IIb: ...

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Jan 24, 1975 ... man, Robert Bonosky (Bus-4), .... funded through a S3 addition to .... al . nftdf, p . • an equ erosion of consumer future need !chhologically the public is confused and fearful of .... Workers of America (AFL-CIO ..... English, Italian, and Sicilian .... afoul of the Mafia in New York's ... DeNiro who plays young V...

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