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A magnetosphere is the region of space surrounding an astronomical object in which charged particles are controlled by that object's magnetic field.

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The magnetosphere is the region of space surrounding Earth where the dominant magnetic field is the magnetic field of Earth, rather than the magnetic field of ...

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Determine changes in the Earth's magnetosphere, ionosphere, and upper atmosphere in order to enable specification, prediction, and mitigation of their effects.

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The magnetosphere is the region that surrounds a planet and the magnetic field of that planet, in which charged particles are trapped and controlled by that ...

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Brief description of the magnetosphere, news on magnetospheric research.

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A magnetosphere is that area of space, around a planet, that is controlled by the planet's magnetic field. The shape of the Earth's magnetosphere is the direct ...

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Apr 26, 2016 ... A conspiracy-oriented web site claimed that that Earth's magnetosphere " COLLAPSED" for two hours, but NASA confirmed the incident was a ...

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Mar 29, 2010 ... The magnetic field of the Earth is surrounded in a region called the magnetosphere. The magnetosphere prevents most of the particles from the ...



A magnetosphere is the volume of space around an astronomical object that is controlled by that object's magnetic field. The Earth's magnetosphere is the cavity  ...

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Apr 27, 2016 ... The Earth's magnetosphere, the area of space around Earth where the Earth's magnetic field is dominant, is formed by the interaction between ...

the outer region of the earth's ionosphere, where the earth's magnetic field controls the motion of charged particles, as in the Van Allen belts.
such a region of another planet: Jupiter's magnetosphere.
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