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four jars used to store the liver, stomach, lungs and intestines of the mummy. In later times the jars were made in the form of the four gods who protected these ...

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The embalmed bodies are known today as 'mummies'. Enter. Flash 5 plug-in required. ... Once you make your choice for each task there is no going back.

How to Make a Mummy Video - Ancient Egypt - HISTORY.com


A step by step process of how a body was prepared for mummification. The brain was removed along with all other major organs except the heart.

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Feb 27, 2011 ... Mummy.wmv ... I likd the sng and making mummies r hard .... Mystery Of The Tiny Mummy - Mummy Documentary - National TV - Duration: ...

Ancient Egyptian GamesThe Mummy Maker - Ancient Egyptian Games


Feb 5, 2011 ... How about a 3D visualisation of a 2300 year old mummy: Medical Visualization: ... Be awesome now that I know how to make a mummy!

Making an Ancient Egyptian Mummy - EyeWitness to History


Making an Ancient Egyptian Mummy. Printer Friendly Version >>>. The ancient Egyptians believed that, after death, the body was the home of the individual's ...

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May 17, 2010 ... Ever wonder how ancient Egyptians made a mummy? Egyptologist Professor Salima Ikram from the American University in Cairo shows how ...

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How to Make a Mummy. The ancient Egyptians developed an elaborate set of beliefs about the afterlife, and accordingly developed an elaborate ritual for ...

NOVA - Official Website | How the Egyptians Made Mummies - PBS


Jan 3, 2006 ... How did ancient Egyptians prepare a body for burial? Witness the elaborate process of mummification in this slide show.

NOVA - Official Website | 10 Ways to Make a Mummy - PBS


Feb 7, 2006 ... How do corpses become mummies? See how natural forces and artificial techniques preserve bodies through the ages.

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Learn to make a mummy and prepare the pharaoh for his tomb. Too small? How to resize your view on PC's and mobile devices. Hide This Information.

BBC - History - Ancient History in depth: Mummy Maker


Enter the embalmer's workshop, where you are to prepare the body of Ramose, officer to the king, for burial.The chief embalmer, Kha, will be watching your work  ...

National Geographic Kids | How to make a mummy!


1. First wash the dead body in wine and Nile water. Make a cut in the side and take out the organs. To get to the brain, shove a hook up the nose and jiggle it ...