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Making a T-Shirt Shrink
A clever graphic t-shirt grabs your eye in a clothing store. After digging through the whole stack of shirts looking for your size, you find shirts in all sizes but yours. The sales associate checks in the back, but unfortunately they still don't have... More »
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How to Shrink a Cotton T Shirt: 9 Steps (with Pictures) - wikiHow

If the t-shirt you got at an event or the cool shirt you brought home with you are too large, don't despair! Cotton fabric shrinks, so it's easy to bring that shirt down a ...

3 Ways to Shrink a Shirt - wikiHow

Whether you want to tighten an old shirt or your goal is to shrink a new one down ... Delicate fabrics like silk or satin aren't easy to shrink, and they can get ruined ...

How To Shrink a T-Shirt: Not As Easy As Once Thought

Feb 4, 2013 ... There's nothing worse than finding an awesome t-shirt only to discover isn't three sizes too big. Here's how to shrink a t-shirt in a few simple ... a T Shirt Shrink&v=RuazgkQObds
Jan 14, 2014 ... A fool proof way to make any top in your closet fit you perfectly. Visit me at www. for more DIY sewing videos and killer ... a T Shirt Shrink&v=IGuraSPahVU
Jan 26, 2012 ... Shrinking a shirt requires boiling water over the stove, pouring the hot water over the garment in a bowl, letting the clothes soak in the hot water ...

How to Shrink that Shirt (and Baseball Cap) to Fit YOU!

I've found some methods that will help shrink 100% cotton t-shirts. Got a custom baseball cap that you love, except for how large it is? I've got a method to make ...

how do you make shirts shrink? | Yahoo Answers

Nov 12, 2007 ... But don't expect the shirt to go from a XL to a Med. Or a Large to a Small. The most you can get a cotton shirt to shrink is half to a whole size ...

How to Fix a Shirt That has Shrunk in the Wash - Home Tips ...

Wadding the shirt up won't allow the conditioner to penetrate all the fibers, ... for more choices for working moms, and then we criticize the ones they make · Does  ...

How to Shrink a Polyester Cotton Blend T-Shirt - Pinterest

Shrinking a pure cotton T-shirt is relatively easy. It seems that after each wash the shirt will get smaller and smaller, even if you don't try to shrink it. Sh | See more ...

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Q: What makes a t shirt shrink?
A: Some cottons come prewashed, so it might not shrink. Washed in hot water, & dried on Read More »
Q: How to make a T-Shirt shrink?
A: Step 1: Add vinegar on the shirt. Step 2: Pour syrup on it and mix it in a tub of water. Step 3: Get a chainsaw and get it in half. Source(s) Experience. Read More »
Q: How can I make a t-shirt shrink
A: You can shrink a t-shirt by soaking in hot water and then drying in... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: How do you make a black shirt shrink?
A: wash it in hot water and put it in the dryer Read More »
Q: How can you make t-shirts shrink?
A: It will shrink if it is cotton and hasn't been preshrunk. Put in very hot water then dry hot in dryer. Read More »