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The Mandate of Heaven is a Chinese political-religious philosophy that designated the nation's emperor as the "Son of Heaven" who ruled under the auspices of an order, or mandate, ...

Mandate of Heaven


The Mandate of Heaven (Chinese: 天命; pinyin: tiānmìng; literally: "heaven decree") is an ancient Chinese belief and philosophical idea that tiān (heaven or  ...

Mandate of Heaven - Ancient China for Kids


The Chou called this the Mandate of Heaven. The Chou explained that the gods had said they would only let the Chou rule as long as they were good rulers.

The Emperor and the Mandate of Heaven - Asia for Educators


Myron Cohen :: The emperor as the Son of Heaven had received the Mandate of Heaven to rule society. The emperor, therefore, played a key role in linking the ...

There are four principles to the Mandate: 1) Heaven grants the emperor the right to rule, 2) Since there is only one Heaven, there can only be one emperor at any given time, 3) The emperor's virtue determines his right to rule, and, 4) No one dynasty has a permanent rig... More »
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The Fall of the Shang and the Mandate of Heaven - Boundless


The Zhou created the Mandate of Heaven: the idea that there could be only one legitimate ruler of China at a time and that this ruler had the blessing of the gods.

Selections from the Shu Jing (The Classic of History) (6th Cent. BCE)


The Mandate of Heaven was a political-social philosophy that served as the basic Chinese explanation for the success and failure of monarchs and states down ...

2000 Years of Chinese History The Mandate of Heaven and Confucius


The Mandate of Heaven and Confucius. In which John introduces you to quite a lot of Chinese history by discussing the complicated relationship between the ...

The Mandate of Heaven - Demystifying Confucianism


The Mandate of Heaven, with its emphasis on ren of the ruler, sows a seed for rebellions. If the ideal ruler is to ensure the society's prosperity through his virtue,  ...

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The Mandate of Heaven and Confucianism both played a major role in shaping society, government, personal relationships and attitudes in imperial China.

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Q: The mandate of heaven is?
A: a belief that rulers govern by God's will. Read More »
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Q: Mandate of heaven?
A: Of course it wasn't always perfect, some consequences consisted of Being too weak. Being a bad ruler. Ect. And this was often shown by earthquakes and natural d... Read More »
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Q: Mandate of heaven.?
A: interesting question -- type mandate of heaven new dynasty into search for question and you will find some interesting answers!!! Read More »
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Q: Mandate of Heaven?
A: I believe that it gives inadequate rulers the chance to control a country. I believe that it lets people take advantage of others because, face it, wouldn't you... Read More »
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Q: What is Mandate of Heaven in China.
A: It is the blessing of god or heaven to a good ruler. Read More »
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