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Jul 28, 2016 ... Kopp et al. 2014. Kopp, R.E., R.M. Horton, C.M. Little, J.X. Mitrovica, M. Oppenheimer, D.J. Rasmussen, B.H. Strauss, and C. Tebaldi, 2014: ...


Feb 8, 2010 ... Kopp and Thöne-Otto (2003) took as read that people with TBI with severe amnesia ... the Sustained Attention to Response Test; Robertson, Manly, Andrade, Baddeley, ... In the modified Six Elements Test (in Wilson et al., 1996), ..... for patients with brain injury of traumatic versus cerebrovascular aetiology.


Aug 20, 2015 ... ... the study, patients included in the study did not have any significant differences other than a slightly larger median tumor size (2.8 cm vs. .... Canter D, Kutikov A, Manley B, et al. ... Kopp RP, Mehrazin R, Palazzi KL, et al.


tors compared to other factors in the current century [Church et al., 2013]. .... AR5: a likely range of 9–15 cm from non-Antarctic glaciers by 2100 for RCP 2.6 (vs.


N. S. Khan, E. Ashe, B. P. Horton, A. L. Dutton, R. E. Kopp, G. Brocard, S. E. ... R. Gehrels, F. D. Hibbert, M. P. Hijma, B. P. Horton, V. Klemann, R. E. Kopp, D. Sivan, L. Tarasov, and T. E. Törnqvist (2016). ..... Y. Suzuki, R. E. Kopp, et al ( 2006).


Opposing Counsel David. McCrory. 5 days. 4. Schreiner v. Kopp. Case No. 244388. 1988 ... Sigler, et al. v. Khuu, et al. ... Plaintiff: John C. Manly. 45 days. 37 .


Sep 30, 2010 ... We write briefly to eliminate a conflict between two published Court of Appeals opinions. Specifically, we overrule the statement in Kopp v.


Clackamas County Sheriff's Office et al; A160344 Group B, LLC v. ..... Holmes and Kopp et al; A155545 State v. ..... Manley, Anthony Delone; A156038 State v.


and Tuchmann,19 or gastric banding (n = 16), as described by Mason et al.20. Since patients after .... postoperative BMI: 45.5 (42.3-50.2) vs 30.5 (28.0-34.4 kg m. −2. ;. Po0.001). .... Previously, Kopp et al.31 reported that. TF antigen levels .... 14 Manly DA, Wang J, Glover SL, Kasthuri R, Liebman HA, Key NS et al. Increased.


Sep 30, 2015 ... development; and Hoxb13 for prostate development (Dolle et al.,. 1991; Benson et al., 1996; Gendron et al., 1997; Taylor et al., 1997;. Manley and Capecchi, 1998; Podlasek et al., 1999; Economides and .... 2007; Kopp et al., 2011). ...... relative proportions of endocrine versus exocrine tissue during ...