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The Mannlicher–Schönauer is a type of rotary-magazine bolt-action rifle produced by Steyr Mannlicher for the Greek Army in 1903 and later was also used in small numbers by the Austro-Hungarian armies. .... In fact, this rifle is available in almost every modern caliber except the original 6.5×54mm cartridge. Although the ...


1903, 6.5x54mm MS, Straight Butterknife, ", carbine, rifle, and takedown, steel plate with trap ... 1950, 6.5x54mm, .257Roberts, 270 WCF, .30-06 US, Straight Butterknife ... The NO may also have been available in the MC serial number series. 9. ... Therein are listed the 1961-MCA, 1960-MC, 1952-GK, Magnum, and Premier, ...


An article about the Mannlicher-Schoenauer Model 1952 Carbine. ... The 1903 Carbine was manufactured only in 6.5x54 caliber and became the inspiration for what ... or the even longer .30-06 Springfield and its descendents. ... The right side of the front receiver ring is stamped with the serial number, as are the right rear ...

Jan 31, 2017 ... A Mannlicher Schoenauer 1952 .270 Winchester Rifle for which I intend ... I have the MC 30-06 model with blued bolt, I believe the white bolts were for ... the serial number on the bolt handle to make sure it matches the rifle?


I suspect from the serial number that it might be late 1930s vintage, but I ..... and a 1950 made in 1952, 257 roberts, with a Jaeger mount and a Zeiss .... I too, have a Mannlicher stocked Fredrich Hyme SR-20 grade rifle in 30-06. ..... About 20 years ago I bought a beautiful Model 1905 in 9x56 MS caliber.