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Marijuana's effect on lucid dreaming. - Dream Views

Holy crap I even would fall into these weird dreams (non-lucid) and .... Smoking weed actually enhances lucid dreaming, and doesn't tend to ...

Does smoking cannabis pervent people from lucid dreaming? - Reddit

Sep 22, 2014 ... And what about mercury fillings perventing lucid dreaming?

Lucid dream: helped or hindered by cannabis? | High Existence

Aug 17, 2013 ... I've decided to try and train myself to lucid dream. I've never had a lucid dream before and have read in multiple places that a good place to ...

Does marijuana affect dreaming? | Lucid Guide

Nov 30, 2009 ... Yes, smoking marijuana does affect your quality of sleep, namely it hinders ... Even if you can pull of a lucid dream while stoned, you may not ...
Finally, in one dream, it clicked in my mind, that this was not really happening and that I was dreaming... and I immediately woke up. I once created dangling vines in the tree and like Tarzan I swung from one tree to another to make my escape from a snarling animal. ... More »
By Phylameana lila Desy, Guide

Marijuana + Dream Recall/Lucid Dreaming - Bluelight

Hello everyone - So for a while now Ive been trying to get down the art of lucid dreaming, but my busy schedule and youth created a lack of ...

Can weed smokers lucid dream? - Quora

I am a weed smoker and a lucid dreamer. You don't "stop having dreams" on nights that you get baked, you just have a harder time remembering those dreams.

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Considering the many effects that weed has on the brain and body, I'd ... I would say that you can easily lucid dream, so long as your mind IS in ...

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Active community of novice and experienced lucid dreamers. ... been made before, but I'm wondering how marijuana affects lucid dreaming. Lucid Dreaming&v=vA4n_fHWt6M
Mar 5, 2012 ... I am trying to become a lucid dreamer in order to help me quit da mariwhowanna. Sorry the video got cut off, my roomie walked in and I hate ...
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Q: Does marijuana block lucid dreams?
A: Most drugs suppress the rem cycle. Kinda hard to have lucid dreams if you arent dreaming at all. The effect is drastically worse with alcohol and harder drugs, ... Read More »
Q: How to Have a Lucid Dream.
A: Things You'll Need. Journal. Sleep. Patience. Instructions. Develop the ability to recall your dreams by focusing on remembering them just before you go to slee... Read More »
Q: How to Learn to Lucid Dream.
A: Instructions. Put yourself in the right frame of mind to have a lucid dream. Believe you can do it, believe it is important to do it, want to do it and know wha... Read More »
Q: How to Fly in a Lucid Dream
A: 1 Before you try to fly, make sure your lucidity is clear. Try repeating affirmations out loud, such as "This is a dream," and "I am lucid," If your mind is haz... Read More »
Q: How to Lucid Dream.
A: 1. During the day, repeatedly ask "Am I dreaming? " and perform some reality checks whenever you remember. With practice, if it happens enough, you will automat... Read More »