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Apr 12, 2016 ... MARIO VS SONIC? NO! LUIGI VS TAILS? NO! MARIO VS LUIGI! YES! Not Screwattack or Death Battle: Cartoon Fight Club Episode 51 ...
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Mar 27, 2015 ... It's the fire throwing Super Mario, vs the slim thug Luigi! Who's the greater ..... no one won the aLuigi did the same rap from vs sonic and tails.
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Apr 18, 2016 ... Every single stage in the Mario vs Luigi mode from New Super Mario Bros DS. 00 :00 Grass Stage 1:38 Underground Stage 3:27 Ice Stage 6:46 ...
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Jul 21, 2011 ... Okay, i know it`s been SO VERY LOOONG since i uploaded anything here. Starting today, i`ll be sure to upload videos both here and on ...
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Jan 10, 2016 ... A small little rap battle between Luigi and Mario! :D Who's the winner? comment below! Rap Lyrics and voice by Datvoice guy! visit his channel!
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Mar 24, 2013 ... Mario and Luigi may have started as color-swaps of the same sprite, but they've become so much more. According to Yoshihito Ikebata, the ...
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Nov 17, 2010 ... I know I did some repetitive moves, but they worked!

Mario vs. Luigi on Scratch


Jan 26, 2016 ... =UPDATE= New Luigi sprites, and Metal Mario also. I also fixed the mushrooms, they can move now. Based on: mario vs. luigi vs.

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2 days ago ... Welcome back to a new episode of the super mario series here on the Wii U edition of Minecraft. In todays episode Mario and Luigi have a fight ...

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Mario VS Luigi is the fifty-eighth installment of Source Rap Battles. It features Nintendo's...

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Luigi vs Mario comparison. Luigi is Mario's fraternal twin brother. He is taller, thinner and shows a wider range of emotions than Mario. Luigi was originally ...

Super Smash Bros 64 - Luigi vs. Luigi [Super Mario Bros Version ...


Mar 1, 2015 ... Super Smash Bros 3ds: For Glory Luigi ... Super Smash Bros Wii U- Mario (Luigi) VS Josh (Dark Pit) ... Super Smash Bros 64 - Luigi vs. Luigi ...

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Play Mario Vs Luigi 4. This time Mario and Luigi change the place to fight. They will try their best. Who will be the winner?