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The Marlin Model 70P, also known as the Marlin Papoose, is a .22 Long Rifle semi-automatic rifle manufactured by Marlin Firearms. ... Marlin Firearms Company firearms · Rifles of the United States · Semi-automatic rifles .22 LR rifles  ...


marlin 45-70 serial number The Harley Nolden Memorial Institute for ... Thank you for the information, l already have a H&R 45-70 nice gun ...


Marlin 39 serial number 28XX Octagon Barrel .22 S,L, Lr.- Octagon Barrel. ... Had appraised at Shootist, Murrieta, 60 to 70% Condition - Price is between estimate. I am not a collector the gun is so so cleaned collector wise.


22 (CARB |N|E ... Should always HCCornpärly the firearm, and be transferred ... and mailed within 70 days of purchase. ... The Original Marlin Goose Gun.


1870 - MODEL 336 R.C. CAL. .30-.30 - MICRO-GROOVE BARREL" Above the EST, in cursive is,"THE MARLIN FIREARMS CO." then the address. S/N is Z 6659 This was my Dad's brother rifle. Bought new ... The Marlin Model 336 R.C. ( regular carbine) with the "Z" serial number prefix was made in 1964.