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So You Married A Workaholic - Forbes


Oct 4, 2007 ... Despite this, Meltzer and his wife beat the odds, staying married 29 years. On average, couples in which one partner is a workaholic divorce at ...

A Workaholic's Secret to a Happy Marriage - Early To Rise


"Marriage is an alliance entered into by a man who can't sleep with the window shut and a woman who can't sleep with the window open." - George Bernard Sh..

Workaholic Breakdown Syndrome - Loss of Intimacy | Psychology ...


Oct 10, 2012 ... Of relevance here is Maggie Scarf's reminder in her Intimate Partners: Patterns in Love and Marriage (1) that “Intimacy is a merging and fusion ...

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If you are married to a workaholic, you may feel as if you are married to an unfaithful spouse. The sense of being alone, the number of broken promises, feelings ...

When your husband is a workaholic: how to communicate your ...


Family Quotes, Workaholics Quotes, Daily News, Workaholics Husband, Marriage Relationships, Workaholic Husband Marriage, How To Save A Marriage, ...

Married to a Workaholic – Marriage Confessions


Aug 8, 2012 ... One of the things that I love most about Chris is his work ethic. You won't find too many people who are as committed and loyal as Chris is.

Workaholics tend to be married to the job -- and nothing else ...


Dec 20, 1999 ... Women married to workaholics are at greater risk for marital problems than women married to non-workaholics. That's among the findings of ...

Workaholics & Marriage Marriage Families.com


These are not two words that seem to go synonymously together and when you are married to a workaholic, you may find that you were right - those two w.

Is Your Partner Having An Affair With Work? - Huffington Post


Aug 29, 2011 ... It's not surprising that my therapy client had a negative reaction to her husband's workaholism. When the “other woman or man” is your partner's ...

So I married a Workaholic :: The Institute for Human Development


Jan 7, 2013 ... In the past, it was mostly the husband who was the workaholic, but it has become more commonplace today for wives to be workaholics as well.

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How Do I Deal with My Workaholic Husband?


Dec 10, 2014 ... Are you married to a workaholic husband? How does your marriage cope? Some thoughts on communicating your needs and bringing change.

I Was a Workaholic - FamilyLife


In retrospect, I don't know why I bothered; after getting up at 3:30 a.m. and working until 7 at night, I was of little use as a dad and a husband. While my dear wife ...

Workaholic Husband - Focus on the Family


What can I do about my husband's tendency to put business ahead of family life and everything else? I don't usually care for labels, but I think it would be fair to ...