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Mass wasting, also known as slope movement or mass movement, is the geomorphic process ... Types of mass wasting include creep, slides, flows, topples, and falls, each with its own characteristic features, and taking place over timescales ...


Creep. Creep is a very slow mass movement that goes on for years or even centuries. You can't see creep happening but leaning fences and poles and broken ...


In Sichuan a form of soil erosion known as soil creep has developed. ... In geology, mass movement of rock material caused by loading by natural or artificial ...


In the Fargo-Moorhead region, three types of mass wasting impact slopes ... Creep is the imperceptibly slow, downslope movement of soil and earth materials .


Soil creep is a very, very slow form of mass wasting. ... slow adjustment of soil and rocks that is so hard to notice unless you can see the effects of the movement .

Jul 31, 2011 ... Creep, a form of mass wasting. We could think of creep as being a landslide in slow motion.


Mass movement or mass wasting is movements of masses of bodies of soil, bed ... However slow movement is also seen in the gradual downhill creep of soil on ...


Mass movement is the down slope movement of earth materials under the influence of ... Soil creep generally occurs in the top few meters of the surface and is ...


Although movement associated with creep is slow, it causes significant economic ... See also Mass wasting; Regolith; Weathering and weathering series.


Nov 29, 2016 ... SLIDES: Although many types of mass movements are included in ... Creep: Creep is the imperceptibly slow, steady, downward movement of ...