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The medullary cavity (medulla, innermost part) is the central cavity of bone shafts where red ... However, the medullary cavity is the area inside any bone (long, flat, etc.) ... Osteon · Haversian canals · Volkmann's canals; connective tissue.


May 19, 2014 ... Material found in some bones that produce blood cells ... Membrane that lines the medullary canal ... Material inside the medullary canal ...


The membrane lining the medullary canal is called the endosteum membrane. It plays an important role in the healing of fractures by creating new cells ...


Feb 21, 2016 ... Composed of compact bone that surrounds the medullary cavity; Yellow ... on the outside with endosteum-covered spongy bone (diploë) on the inside .... Excess material on the bone shaft exterior and in the medullary canal is ...


The last tooth of the rasp must be completely inside the medullary canal and by the cut. Trapezial ... Putting in a bi-material CoCr/TA6V screw-fit cup. Indication ...


distribution of the cement in the medullary canal ensures ... flexibility and swelling of the plug inside the femoral canal ..... plastic tympanic membrane material.


There is an accumulation of hematoma within the medullary canal, between the ... surrounding soft tissues may also contribute necrotic material to the region. .... by osteoblasts of tropocollagen, which moves from inside the cells to outside and  ...


May 30, 2014 ... One or two straight nails introduced into the medullary canal can only ... exerts a constant pressure inside the medullary canal, at the curve apex. ... Materials ... The nail diameter depends on the medullary canal diameter.


Jan 26, 2015 ... The bony material that bridges fractured bone fragments. CANNULATE. ... A turning inward, inside out, upside down, or other reversal of the normal relation of a part ... REAM. To widen an opening; to open the medullary canal.


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