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To add or subtract fractions, they must have the same denominator. If they do not, make the least common multiple of all of the denominators the new denominator. After adding or subtracting, reduce your answer.
When giving the fractions like denominators, whatever number you multiply the old denominator of a fraction by, you must also multiply it by the numerator.

How to add fractions that have different denominators - Khan Academy


So whenever you add fractions, the first thing you have to do; is check the ..... In mathematics, the concept of adding and subtracting fractions require the ...

Adding fractions with unlike denominators | Adding and subtracting ...


Practice adding fractions that have different denominators.

Adding Fractions - Math is Fun


There are 3 Simple Steps to add fractions: Step 1: Make sure the bottom numbers (the denominators) are the same; Step 2: Add the top numbers (the ...

Like many other topics in math, there is usually more than one method to get to the desired results. Adding fractions and finding common demoninators is merely another example of this. Multiplying denominators to find common denominators. More »
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This page will show you how to add two fractions together. Fill in one problem type, that matches the fraction addition problem you are trying to do, then click ...

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Calculator for adding fractions with like denominators and adding fractions with ... Calculators > Math > Fractions > Adding and Subtracting Fractions Calculator ...

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A FRACTION IS A NUMBER we need for measuring (Lesson 20); therefore we sometimes have to add or subtract them. Now, to add or subtract anything, the ...

Math Video - Adding Fractions with Different Denominators


Math video teaches students how to add fractions with different denominators.

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MathPlayground.com. For fun and educational math games. created by teachers, please visit. A. B. E. F. C. D. Adding Fractions. In this math program, you will ...

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Q: A Little Help On My Math Adding Fractions?
A: ok... the simplest form is just the most reduced form possible (basically the simplest form to read)... so if your problem is 2/3+2/3=4/3 you see how many times... Read More »
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Q: Maths- Adding fractions with a kind of equation HELP PLEASE?
A: (2 / q) + (10 / 3q) = 3 A simple way to get rid of the fractions is to multiply both sides by the LCD. In this case, the LCD is 3q, so multiply both sides by 3q... Read More »
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Q: Maths question - adding fractions - ratio?
A: 1/3 + 2/5 = 5/15 + 6/15 = 11/15 (x 5) (x 3) Divide the ratio by 3 to get 1:4 Read More »
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Q: How to Add Fractions in Math.
A: Instructions. Convert the fractions, if necessary, so that the denominators match. For example, adding 1/3 to 1/3 doesn't require conversion, but 1/4 and 1/8 wo... Read More »
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Q: How to Reduce Fractions in Math.
A: 1. Identify the numerator and denominator of the fraction that you are trying to reduce. The numerator is the top number, and the bottom number is the denominat... Read More »
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