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Social Security Wage Base - Wikipedia


For the Old Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance (OASDI) tax or Social Security tax in the United States, the Social Security Wage Base (SSWB) is the maximum earned gross income or ...

Contribution and Benefit Base - Social Security


This limit changes each year with changes in the national average wage index. We call this annual limit the contribution and benefit base. For earnings in 2017, ...

OASDI and SSI Program Rates & Limits, 2016 - Social Security


OASDI and SSI Program Rates & Limits 2016 ... This rate does not reflect the additional 0.9 percent in Medicare taxes certain high-income taxpayers are.

The Maximum Social Security Withholding for 2016 - The Balance


Aug 16, 2016 ... Describes the annual maximum social security tax for the current and previous years, and how it affects earnings from employment and ...

Social Security wage base could increase to $126,000 for 2017 ...


Jun 24, 2016 ... 6.2% Social Security tax on the first $118,500 of wages (maximum tax is $7,347.00 [6.2% of $118,500]), plus; b. 1.45% Medicare tax on the first ...

2016 Social Security and Medicare Tax Withholding Rates and Limits


For 2016, the maximum limit on earnings for withholding of Social Security (Old- Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance) Tax remains $118,500.00. The Social ...

2016 Payroll Tax Unchanged; Tax Brackets Nudge Up


Oct 15, 2015 ... For more about 2017 Social Security earnings limits, see the SHRM Online article 2017 Payroll Taxes Will Hit Higher Incomes.

2016 Social Security Wage Base - FICA Tax Rate | Paycor


Jan 15, 2016 ... Therefore, for 2016, the FICA tax rate will be 7.65%, to the height of the social security wage base. This means the maximum social security tax ...

Tax Topics - Topic 751 Social Security and Medicare Withholding ...


Jun 30, 2016 ... The current tax rate for social security is 6.2% for the employer and ... The wage base limit is the maximum wage that is subject to the tax for that ...

2015 Social Security Wage Base Increased to $118,500 - Eide Bailly ...


Feb 29, 2016 ... Employees will pay the 6.2 percent Social Security tax on the first $118,500 of their wages, with a maximum tax of $7,347. In addition, they will ...

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Social Security Press Office: 2016 Social Security Changes


One dollar in benefits will be withheld for every $3 in earnings above the limit. ... there is no COLA, but there is an increase in the national average wage index.

What Is the 2016 Maximum Social Security Tax? -- The Motley Fool


Dec 12, 2015 ... Taxpayers will get a rare break from rising Social Security taxes. Find out why.

When Do I Stop Paying Social Security Tax? | Investopedia


Jun 5, 2015 ... "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes," as Ben ... Security contributions cease on any amount earned after that. Officially known as the "wage base limit," the threshold changes every year.