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Neuroscience of free will


Neuroscience of free will, a part of neurophilosophy, is the study of the interconnections .... It may be possible, then, that our intuitions about the role of our conscious .... press a button may ...

Power failure: why small sample size undermines the reliability of ...


Apr 10, 2013 ... Nature Reviews Neuroscience 14, 365-376 (May 2013) | doi :10.1038/nrn3475 ... Correspondence by Bacchetti | Author's reply by Button et al. ..... of values for R and for a range of v alues for the average power in a field.

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referred to as “p-hacking” (Simmons et al., 2011), and ubiq- uitous low power ... cesses may contribute to replication difficulties, and these .... examine how factors such as the type of data (task vs. resting), ... ly been quantified by Button et al.

Tory et al. v. Cochran - Supreme Court


Argued March 22, 2005—Decided May 31, 2005. In a state-law defamation ... ULYSSES TORY, ET AL., PETITIONERS v. .... Button, 371 U. S. 415, 432–433.

Williams v. Rhodes :: 393 U.S. 23 (1968) :: Justia U.S. Supreme ...


The Republican and Democratic Parties may retain their ballot positions by polling 10% of the votes in the last gubernatorial ..... Rhodes, Governor of Ohio, et al., also on appeal from the same court. ... Button, 371 U. S. 415 (1963); NAACP v .

Settlement Agreement in Perez-Olano, et al. v. Holder, et al., Case ...


Jun 25, 2015 ... Settlement Agreement in Perez-Olano, et al. v. Holder, et al., Case No. ... You may file a motion to reopen if your SIJ petition or SIJ-based ...

Statistical Rigor and the Perils of Chance


Jul 14, 2016 ... Journal List · eNeuro · v.3(4); Jul-Aug 2016; PMC4945734 ... Many “landmark” findings could not be replicated (Scott et al., 2008; Begley and Ellis ... useful in studying various forms of bias in a given literature (Button et al., 2013). ... to make the correct inference, they may still be fooled by sampli...

Mamani, et al. v. Sánchez de Lozada / Mamani, et al. v. Sánchez ...


Donate Button. Donate ... Mamani et al v. Sánchez de Lozada and Sánchez Berzaín is a federal ... September 2013 - May 2014. Plaintiffs' TVPA claims survive ...

Ethics and Sample Size - CTSPedia


Click on "Edit" button below a table to add or modify text within an exisiting point, or see .... The implications of the Bacchetti et al. analysis may indeed seem ...

Wollschlaeger, et al. v. Governor of the State of Florida, et al., No. 12 ...


Aug 28, 2015 ... vs. GOVERNOR OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA, et al., .... Finally, these decisions stand for the proposition that a State may not restrict truthful speech by regulated ..... 12. Nat'l Ass'n for Advancement of Colored People v. Button,.

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replications may increase bias in effect size estimates. Specifically .... 2003)3, and .21 across studies in neuroscience (Button et al., 2013)4. ..... studies on the same phenomenon, as in meta-analysis, and (v) for determining whether an effect.

Reed v. Town of Gilbert - Supreme Court


Jun 18, 2015 ... may be on a single property at any time, and signs may be .... CLYDE REED, ET AL., PETITIONERS v. TOWN ..... Button, 371 U. S. 415 (1963),.

Balestra v. Button :: :: California Court of Appeal Decisions ...


ANASTASIA BALESTRA et al., Respondents, v. ... with the "Button and Griffin Line," nor did Joseph K. Balestra until May or June, 1928, after his father's death.