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Wisconsin v. Yoder, 406 U.S. 205 (1972), is the case in which the United States Supreme Court ... In this case, the state of Wisconsin interfered with the practice of a legitimate religious belief. ... of life by those in authority over him and if his education is truncated, his entire life may be stunted and deformed. ... Yoder ET AL.".


STATE OF WISCONSIN DEPARTMENT OF ADMINISTRATION, James R. Klauser, Lee Martinson, et al., Defendants-Appellees. ... to be so, and the people having them may be denied employment or otherwise shunned as a consequence.


Jun 14, 2011 ... State of Wisconsin ex rel. Ismael R. Ozanne. Plaintiff-Respondent v. ... 19.81, et. seq., in connection with the enactment of 2011. Wisconsin Act 10 (the ..... Wisconsin, may enjoin the publication of an act to prevent that act from ...


May 16, 2001 ... Thus, as illustrated by this holding, a state generally may not regulate ...... Manual 56-57 (1999); John Nicoletti et al., Violence Goes to School: ...


Jun 16 2016, Motion for divided argument filed by respondent Wisconsin. Jun 17 2016, Brief amici curiae of National Association of Counties, et al. filed.


Joseph P. Murr v. State of Wisconsin - 859 N.W.2d 628, 359 Wis. 2d 675.


Jun 23, 2017 ... A valid merger under state law of contiguous lots with limited individual ... WISCONSIN et al. ... Rhode Island, 533 U. S. 606 (quoting Lucas v. ... Second, a taking may be found based on “a complex of factors,” including (1) the ...


Mar 20, 2017 ... Murr v. Wisconsin ... Joseph P. Murr, et al. ... State appellate court ... is not at least one acre, the lots may be measured together to equal one acre. ... The Murrs sued the state and county and claimed the ordinance in question ...


On petition of the State of Wisconsin, we granted the writ of certiorari in this .... admirable, may not be interposed as a barrier to reasonable state regulation of ...