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Spasticity in multiple sclerosis and role of glatiramer acetate treatment


Jul 14, 2015 ... In the more recent Spanish study “6E” (Oreja-Guevara et al. ... et al. (2013a) reported a significantly higher rate of retired patients in those who had spasticity ( 34.7% vs. ... among the characteristic symptoms of serotonin syndrome (Talarico et al. ..... [PubMed]; Bakheit AM, Maynard VA, Curnow J, Hudson N.

Jones v. Kirchner - US Court of Appeals


Aug 26, 2016 ... v. STEVE KIRCHNER, D.C. MPD DETECTIVE, ET AL.,. APPELLEES ... Maynard, 615 F.3d 544 (D.C. Cir. 2010), ...... Talarico, 177 Ill.2d at 196.

The D4Z4 Macrosatellite Repeat Acts as a CTCF and A-Type ... - Plos


Feb 27, 2009 ... Cellular Models. The pCMV and pCMVTelo plasmids are described in Koering et al [17]. ..... Parelho V, Hadjur S, Spivakov M, Leleu M, Sauer S, et al. (2008) ... Lunt PW, Jardine PE, Koch MC, Maynard J, Osborn M, et al. (1995) ... Meneveri R , Agresti A, Della Valle G, Talarico D, Siccardi AG, et al. (1985) ...

The Science of Asking Questions - Information Services and ...


The issues we review for attitudes include bipolar versus unipolar scales, number of categories, ... (Schaeffer & Maynard 1996, Maynard et al. 2002). There is an ...

Table of Contents — April 01, 2016, 352 (6281) | Science


Apr 1, 2016 ... El Niño's warmth devastating reefs worldwide. By Dennis .... in a model of a mitochondrial disorder [Also see Research Article by Jain et al.].

Potent neutralization of anthrax edema toxin by a humanized ...


Aug 11, 2009 ... PA together with EF forms edema toxin (ET) and ET can produce a range of toxic effects in the host (11, 13). ... The closest human V-gene germline origins of the 4 clones were assigned by ..... Maynard JA,; et al. ..... Swee Kee Wong ,; Michael J. Moore ,; Aimee St. Clair Tallarico ,; Mobolaji Olurinde ...

Effects of eating rate on satiety: A role for episodic memory?


Jul 16, 2015 ... For a recent systematic review and meta-analysis see Robinson et al. .... This enabled us to assess evidence for between-group differences (slow versus fast eating-rate conditions) in typical eating rate. ...... P.J. Rogers, L.L. Wilkinson, E.C. Hinton, O.M. Maynard, D. Ferriday ... [34]; J.M. Talarico, D.C. Rubin.

Niagara Falls NY Gazette 1952 Nov-Dec Grayscale - Fulton History

fultonhistory.com/newspaper 8/Niagara Falls NY Gazette/Niagara Falls NY Gazette 1952 Nov-Dec Grayscale/Niagara Falls NY Gazette 1952 Nov-Dec Grayscale - 0097.pdf

Victor and Luigi Talarico to Robert. M. and Lillian Tonner. ... Catherine R. Jerge. et al to Kay V. J. Wyrauch. ... Maynard G. Hess to Irving F. and. Bernice T. Clark.

Whole-genome methylation scan in ICF syndrome: hypomethylation ...


Blanquet, V. and Viegas-Péquignot, E. (1997) α-Satellite DNA methylation ... C., van Deutekom, J.C.T., Francis, F., Sharpe, P.T., Hofker, M. et al. (1994). Analysis ... Lunt, P.W., Jardine, P.E., Koch, M.C., Maynard, J., Osborn, M., Williams, M.,. Harper ... Meneveri, R., Agresti, A., Valle, G.D., Talarico, D., Siccardi, A.G. and. Gine...

Preeclampsia and Prevalence of Microalbuminuria 10 Years Later


Jul 3, 2013 ... In 2010, McDonald et al. published a meta-analysis of seven studies that had ..... Karumanchi SA,; Maynard SE,; Stillman IE,; Epstein FH,; Sukhatme VP ... Dell' Omo G,; Catapano G,; Matteucci E,; Talarico L,; Morale M,; de Negri F. , di Bello V , Melillo E: Microalbuminuria and endothelial dysfunction in ...