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Trophic cascades: the primacy of trait-mediated indirect interactions


... (Power et al. 1985;. McIntosh & Townsend 1996; Peckarsky & McIntosh ... ( Trussell et al. 2002), terrestrial old fields (Messina ... pressure – a largely trait- mediated effect (Carpenter et al. 1987). ... 154 O. J. Schmitz, V. Krivan and O. Ovadia.

Turner syndrome and the evolution of human sexual dimorphism


Feb 22, 2008 ... For example, Haig and Wharton (2003), Oliver et al. .... such difference (33/133 vs 12/50 respectively, P > 0.50) (Bondy et al. ... on cognitive function in Turner syndrome (Ross 2005; Messina et al. ..... [PMC free article] [PubMed]; Murphy DG , DeCarli C, Daly E, Haxby JV, Allen G, White BJ, McIntosh AR, et al.

Phyto-oestrogens. Discover about Phyto-oestrogens | Patient


Wei P, Liu M, Chen Y, et al; Systematic review of soy isoflavone supplements ... Messina MJ, Wood CE; Soy isoflavones, estrogen therapy, and breast ... Hanf V, Gonder U; Nutrition and primary prevention of breast cancer: foods, ... Holzbeierlein JM, McIntosh J, Thrasher JB; The role of soy phytoestrogens in prostate cancer.

James W. McIntosh, et al., and Mark T. Schwetschenau - SEC


Aug 5, 2010 ... Accounting and Auditing Enforcement Release No. 3168 / August 5, 2010. Securities and Exchange Commission v. James W. McIntosh, et al., ...

Full Text - The Journal of Cell Biology - Rockefeller University Press


Jul 1, 2013 ... S1 D; Goshima et al., 2008; Uehara et al., 2009). .... of centriolar MTs (Raynaud- Messina et al., 2004; O'Toole et al., 2012), consistent with the ..... Dual-axis electron tomography was performed (O'Toole et al., 2003; McIntosh et al., 2008). ..... Moritz, M.,; M.B. Braunfeld,; V. Guénebaut,; J. Heuser,; D.A. Ag...

2000-2005 | Max Planck Institut für Festkörperforschung


Reply to "S. Crampin et al., Comment, Phys. Rev. ..... G.C. McIntosh, G.T. Kim, J.G. Park, V. Krstic, M. Burghard, S.H. Jhang, S.W. Lee, S. Roth, and Y.W. Park,

Prevention and treatment of acute GvHD - Nature


C Messina, M Faraci, V de Fazio, G Dini, M P Calò and E Calore on behalf of the EBMT .... Yanik et al. described a group of paediatric recipients receiving GvHD ..... Bartholomew A, Sturgeon C, Siatskas M, Ferrer K, McIntosh K, Patil S et al.

McIntosh, Reichmann-Decker, Winkielman, & Wilbarger, 2006


296 Daniel N. McIntosh et al. ... way that is non-specific to expression valence ( happy vs. angry). However ... order (happy vs. angry first) was randomized across .

Assessment and Management of Cognitive Impairment in Multiple ...


Hakim EA, Bakheit AM, Bryant TN, Roberts MWH, McIntosh-Michaelis SA, .... Saviettieri G, Messina D, Andreoli V, Bonavita S, Caltagirone C, Cittadella R, et al . Gender ... Rovaris M, Iannucci G, Falautano M, Possa F, Martinelli V, Comi G, et al.

Connecticut Appellate Court Assignment


v. RICHARD FENAROLI ET AL. Richard Fenaroli, self-represented party. Top .... Erskine D. McIntosh v. .... O'Malley, Deneen, Leary, Messina & Oswecki

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