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"Bollocks" /ˈbɒləks/ is a word of Middle English origin, meaning "testicles". The word is often .... In Ireland, "bollocks", "ballocks" or "...

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Irish/UK/possibly also Australian slang term meaning: 1)testicles 2)bullshit 3) slightly affectionate term of abuse alternate spellings:Bollix, Boll...

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Jan 29, 2007 ... Spelled sometimes bollix or bollox, the word is known primarily as British slang ... In Ireland it's used primarily as an insult, meaning a person is ...

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"Bollocks" literally means "testicles," but is almost always used idiomatically: ... From the Euro-English term "shite" comes the Irish-English "gobshite," which ...

What a load of bollocks (or is it bollix?) | Mel Healy


May 26, 2014 ... That definition is itself a load of bollocks. I suspect the term is even more flexible when used by the Irish, in Hiberno-English, in the kind of ...

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Feb 21, 2014 ... a dictionary of irish slang and phrases. ... Ask me arse/bollocks; go and shite; eff off and don't be annoying me (phr): general ways of telling ...

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bollox. The male scotum and testicles collectively. This is a much more forceful than the milder bollix.... You blind baldy bollox of a ref... that was over the feckin ...

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This is not meant to be a dictionary of Irish or Irish slang. ... bollocks - 1. testicles 2 . term used to describe despicable / unsavory individual, invariably male.

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And the Irish are better at extracting the meaning and flavour of English ... in Dublin to be particular the word is "bollix", eg, "I will in me bollix".