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Ambition definition, an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its ...

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a particular goal or aim : something that a person hopes to do or achieve. : a desire to be successful, powerful, or famous. : a desire to do things and be active.

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ambition definition, meaning, what is ambition: a strong wish to achieve something: . Learn more.

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a. An eager or strong desire to achieve something, such as fame or power. b. The object or goal desired: Her ambition is the presidency. 2. Desire for exertion or ...

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Meaning, pronunciation and example sentences, English to English ... 1A strong desire to do or achieve something: her ambition was to become a pilot he ...

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Define ambition and get synonyms. What is ambition? ambition meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.

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The definition of ambition is motivation or a strong urge to achieve something. An example of someone who has ambition is an ice skater who practices for hours ...

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Ambitious means wanting to succeed. If you want to climb Mount Everest, start your own business, and write a great philosophical treatise all before you are 30,  ...

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Top Definition. ambition. 1. A strong general desire for accomplishment, wealth or power, generally described as a positive trait. 2. A specific, overwhelming ...

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Etymology: Middle English ambition "desire for power," from early French ambition (same meaning), derived from Latin ambire "to go around," from ambi- ...

an earnest desire for some type of achievement or distinction, as power, honor, fame, or wealth, and the willingness to strive for its attainment: Too much ambition caused him to be disliked by his colleagues.
the object, state, or result desired or sought after: The crown was his ambition.
desire for work or activity; energy: I awoke feeling tired and utterly lacking in ambition.
to seek after earnestly; aspire to.
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ambition | Define ambition at Dictionary.com
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