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Easter, also called Pascha or Resurrection Sunday, is a festival and holiday celebrating the .... According to the New Testament, Jesus gave the Passover meal a new meaning, as in the upper room dur...

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The best way to understand the real meaning of Easter would be from Jesus. The real meaning is a three word answer.

The Meaning of Easter - Jesus Christ


The Meaning of Easter - What is the significance of this Christian holiday and where did it receive its roots? Does it originate from a pagan holiday?

Finding Easter in Bunnies and Baskets | Focus on the Family


Help kids learn about the real meaning of Easter through the bunnies and baskets in popular culture.

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There's a bit more to the Easter story than just chocolate eggs. In fact, it's one of the most significant events in the Christian calendar. Here's what Easter Sunday,  ...

What Is Easter and Why Do Christians Celebrate? - Christianity


Easter Sunday is typically the most well-attended church service of the year. Learn the meaning of Easter and why Christians celebrate it.

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For the first three centuries, the Church celebrated the real meaning of Easter in connection with the Jewish Passover. The Passover began on the evening of ...

Easter - Definition and Meaning, Bible Dictionary - Bible study


Easter Definition and meaning from Bible Dictionary. EASTER es'-ter (pascha, from Aramaic paccha' and Hebrew pecach, the Passover festival): The English ...

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Many people are wondering what Easter actually means, as the true meaning of Easter has been lost. What I can tell you is it isn't about cute little fluffy chickens, ...

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Easter is the most important feast in Christianity. In fact, it is the pivot of the ecclesiastical year around which everything in the Church's calendar revolves.

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Easter, with bunnies, baby chicks, and eggs amidst the resurrection of Jesus Christ ... Let's look at the Bible to find the meaning of Easter and how it relates to the ...

Jesus and Easter


What is the meaning of Easter? Easter is the day when we celebrate Jesus Christ rising from the dead. Jesus is the Son of God and heroically gave His life to die ...

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Mar 21, 2016 ... Put more meaning into your Easter traditions with these family activities that celebrate the reason for the season.