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Guilt is a cognitive or an emotional experience that occurs when a person believes or .... ideas to Christianity. The Latin word for guilt is culpa, a word sometimes seen in law literature, for instance in mea culpa meaning "my fault ( guilt)".


Guilty definition, having committed an offense, crime, violation, or wrong, especially against moral or penal law; justly subject to a certain accusation or penalty; ...


guilty definition, meaning, what is guilty: feeling guilt: . Learn more.


Define guilty: justly chargeable with or responsible for a usually grave breach of conduct or a crime — guilty in a sentence.


The definition of guilty is feeling bad about something you have done, or is someone who committed and was proved responsible for a crime or wrongdoing.


Definition of guilty - culpable of or responsible for a specified wrongdoing.


Jul 20, 2016 ... Guilty definition: If you feel guilty , you feel unhappy because you think that you have done something... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations ...


Define guilty (adjective) and get synonyms. What is guilty (adjective)? guilty ( adjective) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary.


guilty meaning, definition, what is guilty: feeling very ashamed and sad because you...: Learn more.