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a devout petition to God or an object of worship.
a spiritual communion with God or an object of worship, as in supplication, thanksgiving, adoration, or confession.
the act or practice of praying to God or an object of worship.
a formula or sequence of words used in or appointed for praying: the Lord's Prayer.
a religious observance, either public or private, consisting wholly or mainly of prayer.
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Prayer is an invocation or act that seeks to activate a rapport with an object of worship through .... Kabbalists ascribe a higher meaning to the purpose of prayer, which is no less than affecting t...

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Psalms 69:14. The Hebrew word Tefilah (תפילה) is generally translated into English as the word "prayer." But this is not an accurate translation, for to pray means ...

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What is Prayer? Definition and meaning:PRAYER prar (deesis, proseuche, ( enteuxis; for an excellent discussion of the meaning of these see Thayer's Lexicon, ...

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description and definition. ... Prayer is conversation with God; the intercourse of the soul with God, not in contemplation or meditation, but in direct address to him  ...

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1a (1) : an address (as a petition) to God or a god in word or thought <said a prayer for the success of the voyage> (2) : a set order of words used in prayingb : an ...

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Oct 21, 2013 ... More traditionally I have heard prayer defined as “conversation with God.” True enough, and well attested. But the definition sheds less light ...

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Define pray: to speak to God especially in order to give thanks or to ask for something — pray in a sentence.

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The importance of prayer in the life of a Christian in getting to know God. Be still and know I am God is the basis for all prayer..