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[kwing-kuhngks, kwin-]
an arrangement of five objects, as trees, in a square or rectangle, one at each corner and one in the middle.
Botany. an overlapping arrangement of five petals or leaves, in which two are interior, two are exterior, and one is partly interior and partly exterior.
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A quincunx /ˈkwɪn.kʌŋks/ is a geometric pattern consisting of five points arranged .... Although Browne wrote about quincunx in its geometric meaning, he may ...

The Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology


Cafe Astrology. Meaning of the 150 degree aspect, the quincunx or inconjunct aspect in astrology. Venus inconjunct Mars, Sun quincunx Moon, and Moon ...

Quincunx - What is a quincunx in an astrology natal chart?


A quincunx is often described as "being between a rock and a hard place." Therefore, the quincunx is described as a "hard" aspect, meaning it brings challenge.

Meaning of the Quincunx or Inconjunct Aspects in Astrology - Astrology


The inconjunct or quincunx (the terms are generally used interchangeably) aspect in astrology is formed between planets that are roughly 150 degrees apart .

Heinous Hybrids—Why the Quincunx is No Minor Aspect | Sky Writer


Apr 3, 2011 ... The quincunx—also known as the inconjunct—is a 150° angle formed ... I have become fascinated in recent years with history, meaning things ...

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An arrangement of five objects or marks with one at each corner of a rectangle or square and one at the center. [Latin quīncūnx, quīncūnc-, five twelfths : quīnque ...

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Define quincunx: an arrangement of five things in a square or rectangle with one at each corner and one in the middle—usage, synonyms, more.

Inconjunct (a.k.a. Quincunx) - About Astrology


A clash of energies, forming at 150 degrees between planets.

What is a Quincunx in Astrology? FAQ answer by Nadiya Shah ...


Apr 24, 2015 ... Please Like, Comment, Subscribe, Share. Thank you for watching! For those of you interested in learning more about astrology, including how ...

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Q: What does it mean if signs are quincunx to one another?
A: A quincunx relationship exists between one’s Sun sign and the signs which are 6 and 8 positions away from it on the zodiac wheel (counting one’s own sign as the... Read More »
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Q: What is Sun Quincunx Pluto mean?
A: The quincunx and inconjunct are both 150 degrees. This aspect is an aspect of incompatibility. Capable of bringing on frustrations. Sun Quincunx/Inconjunct Plut... Read More »
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Q: Sun Quincunx/Inconjunct Saturn Transit for today (my birthday) - ...
A: Transits START from Jupiter onwards. T Sun and personal planets have negliable influences. Now your natal chart is a 'still' a photograph of where the 10planets... Read More »
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Q: Can anyone explain what: Inconjunct, BiQuintile, Quintile, Quincu...
A: *Quincunx (Inconjunct) : A quincunx occurs when two planets are plus or minus 150 degrees apart. Adjustment is the key word here. There is a gnawing uneasiness,... Read More »
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Q: Mercury aspects is very beneficial in terms of intelligence, so d...
A: No, Mercury quincunx Uranus does not mean a person is dimwitted. Quincunx aspects have to do with difficult adjusting, and that often produces guilt. Mercury qu... Read More »
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