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The LaGrand case was a legal action heard before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) ... the rights of the accused under the convention, but only specify the means by which those rights were to...

No. 39: People v LeGrand


Mar 27, 2007 ... The People & c., Respondent,. v. Nico LeGrand, Appellant. ... Innocence Project, Inc.; Legal Aid Society et al., amici .... or discovery crosses the line between the experimental and demonstrable stages is difficult to define.

Nonpain Symptoms of New and Follow-up Cancer Patients ... - NCBI


The mean number of symptoms was higher in patients with PPS of less than 70% (5.9 ± 1.9) ... to their cancer type or the nature of outpatient visit (new vs follow-up ). ... [19] Alshemmari et al. from Kuwait have studied cancer patients who were largely .... Homsi J, Walsh D, Rivera N, Rybicki LA, Nelson KA, Legrand SB, et al.

Diffusion-weighted imaging of pancreatic cancer


Oct 28, 2015 ... Legrand et al[21], for example, reported that mean ADC values did not ... significant difference in mean ADC between tumors with stage T3 vs ...

Pre-Reflective Self-Consciousness: On Being Bodily ... - Janus Head


subjects while they again manipulated the visual feedback (Farrer et al. 2003). .... reflective level: “By reflective consciousness we mean such states in which the subject not only ... oneself as such at the observational reflective level (Legrand 2006). To clarify ...... Naturalizing the acting self: Subjective vs. anonymous agency.

Evidence of break-points in breathing pattern at the gas-exchange ...


Cite this article as: Cross, T.J., Morris, N.R., Schneider, D.A. et al. .... 2006; Legrand et al. .... The mean \( \dot{V}_{{{\text{O}}_{ 2} }} \) measured at peak exercise was 52.5 ± 1.5 ml O2 kg<sup>−1</sup> min<sup>−1</sup>, with a range of 37.0–71.5 ml O2 kg<sup>−1</sup> min<sup>−1</sup>.

Stent thrombosis in 2008: Definition, predictors, prognosis and ...


... stents (PES) (p = 0.3). By using the ARC definition of stent thrombosis, Mauri et al. ... thrombosis. Table 1. Predictors for early stent thrombosis versus late stent thrombosis. ..... Citing articles (6). [65]; M.E. Bertrand, V. Legrand, J. Boland, et al.

Determinants of performance in 1,500-m runners | SpringerLink


Cite this article as: Ferri, A., Adamo, S., La Torre, A. et al. ... The mean \( \dot{V} {\ text{O}}_{{2{ \max }}} , \) [La]bmax and Vmax were 70.2 ± 3.9 mL kg<sup>−1</sup> min<sup>−1</sup>, ...... athletes during an incremental test on a cycle ergometer (~50%; Legrand et al.

Multiscale mesh generation on the sphere | SpringerLink


Cite this article as: Lambrechts, J., Comblen, R., Legat, V. et al. Ocean Dynamics (2008) ... On the global scale, Legrand et al. (2000) and .... No seam is required to define the overall domain and no singular point exists in the domain of interest.

State of Maine Judicial Branch: Supreme Court : Supreme Court ...


10:00 a.m., Yor-16-194, Renée LeGrand v. Robert M.A. Nadeau et al. ... revocations are expressly excluded from the definition of “post-sentencing proceedings” ...

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Et al. legal definition of et al. - Legal Dictionary - The Free Dictionary


Definition of et al. in the Legal Dictionary - by Free online English dictionary ... This is commonly used in shortening the name of a case, as in "Pat Murgatroyd v.

Understanding the dynamics of Ebola epidemics


Sep 26, 2006 ... Journal List · Epidemiol Infect · v.135(4); 2007 May; PMC2870608 ... J. LEGRAND,<sup>*</sup> R. F. GRAIS, P. Y. BOELLE, A. J. VALLERON, and A. FLAHAULT .... After developing symptoms, the mean infectious period for cases who survived was 10 ..... In a recent paper, Lloyd-Smith et al. show the importance of ...

A mean dynamic topography computed over the world ocean from ...


Citation: Rio, M.-H., and F. Hernandez (2004), A mean dynamic topography computed over the ... Provost et al., 1999; LeGrand, 2002; LeGrand and Minster,.