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Human Genome Diversity Project


The Human Genome Diversity Project (HGDP) was started by Stanford University' s Morrison .... For example, countries could define races purely in genetic terms and deny a certain person right(s) ...

Potential for large outbreaks of Ebola virus disease


Cases were reported first in Guinea (Baize et al., 2014), then in Liberia, Sierra ... of infection to analyse the temporal dynamics of Ebola (Legrand et al., 2007). ..... and νd and νr are the inverse of the mean time from hospitalisation to death and .... 38 (29%) recovery cases versus 248 of 280 (89%) death cases were reported.

Classification of coronary artery bifurcation lesions and treatments ...


Feb 1, 2008 ... Louvard Y(1), Thomas M, Dzavik V, Hildick-Smith D, Galassi AR, Pan M, Burzotta F, ... Brunel P, Lansky A, Meerkin D, Legrand V, Medina A, Lefèvre T. ... on the definition and classification of bifurcation lesions and treatments ...

Assessing the International Spreading Risk Associated with the ...


Sep 2, 2014 ... In the Legrand et al. model the basic reproductive number can be written .... of international spread is always rather small (in all countries mean<6; median<4). ..... Colizza V, Barrat A, Barthelemy M, Valleron AJ, Vespignani A ...

Association between systemic hemodynamics and septic acute kidney ...


Nov 29, 2013 ... Legrand et al.; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2013 ... central venous pressure ( CVP), cardiac output (CO), mean arterial pressure (MAP), diastolic arterial pressure (DAP) ... 45 (33 to 52), P < 0.001) and higher mortality (38% vs.

Leukemia - Mixed-phenotype acute leukemia: historical overview ...


Sep 16, 2010 ... In this study, the definition of acute mixed lineage leukemia included having ... Table 1 - Catovsky et al scoring system for biphenotypic acute leukemia. ..... Legrand et al. also found that adult patients with biphenotypic acute ... with ALL- type therapy than AML-type induction therapy (83% versus 52%).

A mean dynamic topography computed over the world ocean from ...


other mean dynamic fields, and a verification using independent in situ data shows ... Provost et al., 1999; LeGrand, 2002; LeGrand and Minster,. 1999].

Article - eLife


Sep 12, 2014 ... tive reproductive ratio Rt < R0 (Chowell et al., 2004; Legrand et al., 2007), ... outbreaks together with the fitted model distribution that has mean .... (A and B) Model (solid red line) and 95% CI (dash-dot red line) vs data (black.

Multiscale mesh generation on the sphere | SpringerLink


Cite this article as: Lambrechts, J., Comblen, R., Legat, V. et al. Ocean Dynamics (2008) 58: 461. ... On the global scale, Legrand et al. (2000) and Gorman et al.

Evidence of break-points in breathing pattern at the gas-exchange ...


Cite this article as: Cross, T.J., Morris, N.R., Schneider, D.A. et al. .... 2006; Legrand et al. ..... The mean \( \dot{V}_{{{\text{O}}_{ 2} }} \) measured at peak exercise was 52.5 ± 1.5 ml O2 kg<sup>−1</sup> min<sup>−1</sup>, with a range of 37.0–71.5 ml O2 kg<sup>−1</sup> min<sup>−1</sup>.

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Nonpain Symptoms of New and Follow-up Cancer Patients ... - NCBI


The mean number of symptoms was higher in patients with PPS of less than 70% (5.9 ± 1.9) ... to their cancer type or the nature of outpatient visit (new vs follow-up ). ... [19] Alshemmari et al. from Kuwait have studied cancer patients who were largely .... Homsi J, Walsh D, Rivera N, Rybicki LA, Nelson KA, Legrand SB, et al.

Prognosis in Patients With an Abnormal Exercise Radionuclide ...


Nov 9, 2012 ... Results of Exercise Radionuc1ide Ventriculography Mean ~EF for entire group - 0.07 No. of patients with ~EF < 0 63 .... In patients with a normal ejection fraction at rest, Bor~r et al. .... Legrand V, Hodgson JM, Bates ER, et al.

Transmission dynamics and control of Ebola virus disease (EVD): a ...


Legrand et al. employed a different modeling approach [19]: while allowing for ... Assuming that the mean generation time is 12 days (with standard deviation 5.2 ...... Tucker V, Konuwa E, et al: Genomic surveillance elucidates Ebola virus ...