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Statistical dispersion


In statistics, dispersion denotes how stretched or squeezed a distribution is. Common examples of measures of statistical dispersion are the variance, ... Also, it may be due to intra-individual var...

Measures of Variability


There are four frequently used measures of variability: the range, interquartile range, variance, and standard deviation. In the next few paragraphs, we will look  ...

Measures of variability: the range, inter-quartile range and standard ...


This guide outlines three methods used to summarise the variability in a dataset. It will help you identify which measure is most appropriate to use for a particular ...

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Jan 16, 2014 ... An introduction to measures of variability. I discuss the range, mean absolute deviation, variance, and standard deviation, and work through a ...

2.2 - Measures of Variability | STAT 500


Easy to calculate; Very much affected by extreme values (range is not a resistant measure of variability). B. Interquartile range (IQR). In order to talk about ...

Measures of Variability


Measures of variability indicate the degree to which the scores in a distribution are spread out. Larger numbers indicate greater variability of scores. Sometimes  ...

Chapter 8.5 Measures Of Variability | AllPsych


Aug 21, 2014 ... Measures of Variability Variability refers to how spread apart the scores of the distribution are or how much the scores vary from each other.



An important use of statistics is to measure variability or the spread ofdata. For example, two measures of variability are the standard deviation andthe range.

Measures of Variability in Statistics | Real Statistics Using Excel


Describes measures of variability (dispersion) of a distribution around the mean or median, including variance, standard deviation and median absolute ...

Chapter 4: Measures of Variability

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Chapter 5: Measures of Variability. Suppose an Education Psychologist sampled 100 students from 3. different high schools & recorded their SAT scores.

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How to Measure Variability in Statistics - Stat Trek


Statisticians use summary measures to describe the amount of variability or spread in a set of data. The most common measures of variability are the range, the ...

Measures of Variability: Range, Variance & Standard Deviation ...


Looking specifically at range, variance, and standard deviation, this lesson explores the relationship between these measures and samples,...

Measures of Variability - Sage


4.7 Measures of Variability for. Populations. • The population variance (σ2). • The population standard deviation (σ). Chapter 3 introduced descriptive statistics, ...