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9 Reasons Why You Feel Lightheaded—And When To Be ...


Jul 26, 2016 ... Here are nine reasons you feel lightheaded and how you can prevent ... by seeking medical attention for any new symptoms, or ones that don't ...

Dizziness: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatments - Healthline


Apr 12, 2016 ... Dizziness is the feeling of being lightheaded, woozy, or unbalanced. We'll explain some possible causes for dizziness and what you can do ...

Lightheadedness: Definition & Patient Education - Healthline


Jul 18, 2016 ... For this reason, you should take caution when you feel lightheaded. ... Also seek medical attention if your lightheadedness worsens over time.

Dizziness Causes - Mayo Clinic


Aug 11, 2015 ... The way dizziness makes you feel and your triggers provide clues for possible causes. How long the dizziness lasts and any other symptoms ...

Lightheaded? Top 5 reasons you mightfeel woozy - Harvard Health


If you feel lightheaded, Dr. Grossman recommends having a drink of water or orange juice and lying down. If symptoms last more than 15 minutes, he says it's  ...

Dizziness: Lightheadedness and Vertigo-Topic Overview - WebMD


You may sometimes feel nauseated or vomit when you are lightheaded. ... Home treatment of your flu and cold symptoms usually will relieve lightheadedness.

Neurologist: How to know when dizziness is serious | Vestibular ...


Jun 21, 2013 ... “The way dizziness makes you feel, such as the sensation of the ... experience dizziness either by something you do or from a disease process,” she said. ... It may cause feelings of tilting, spinning or falling, nausea, vomiting ...

7 Dizziness Causes and How to Stop Them! - eMedicineHealth


Sep 19, 2016 ... Signs and symptoms of dizziness include lightheadedness, feeling faint or passing out, spinning, whirling, or motion - either of themselves or of ...

I am experiencing lightheadedness and fatigue. can't get ...


I have been struggling with sensation of lightheadedness or dizziness. .... It reminds me of some symptoms I have when getting a migraine.