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Memetics is the theory of mental content based on an analogy with Darwinian evolution, originating from the popularization of Richard Dawkins' 1976 book The  ...

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Meme: an information pattern, held in an individual's memory, which is capable of being copied to another individual's memory. Memetics: the theoretical and ...

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Ever since, the study of memes -- memetics -- has strived to attain a scientific status. Scott Atran has described the steps to be taken in order to achieve this goal: ...

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A Brief Overview and History of Memetics. The History of the Memetic Approach; Memetics and Related Evolutionary Approaches; Some Key References.

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the best short introduction to, and the text that kicked off, the new science of MEMETICS, (and, also, the text where Dawkins coined the term `meme').

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Memetics can help students understand the selection pressures that direct evolution of culture. In a more focused application, Memetics can also be a useful  ...

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Memetics is the name commonly given to the study of memes - a term originally coined by Richard Dawkins to describe small inherited elements of human ...



The meme as a concept. Dawkins used the term to refer to any cultural entity that an observer might consider a replicator. He hypothesized that one could view ...

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memetic. adj. me·me'tic 1. Of or relating to the mind, mindfulness, or memory, specifically the cognitive functions of the brain which deal with remembering (c.f.  ...

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Memetics is the study of ideas and concepts viewed as "living" organisms, capable of reproduction and evolution in an "Ideosphere" (similar to the Biosphere) ...

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Jul 12, 2012 ... Summary, for those in a hurry: Memetics deals with information transfer, specifically cultural information in society. The basic idea is to conflate ...

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Since Dawkins first spoke of memes in The Selfish Gene, much time has passed and several scientists have ventured into the realm of memetics. It has proven to  ...