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Funeral Poems
The elegy--the traditional poem for mourning--began in ancient Greece as a sad song lamenting love and death, often accompanied by a flute and written in a specific meter... More>>


Memorial Poems about remembering loved ones who have died and passed away. Memorial Poems In memory of deceased loved ones.


Poems About Death and Funeral Poems: Dusk Memorial Frame set with poem called "A Fallen LImb" perfect for a tribute to any loved one. Description from ...


Quotes and poems for grief, memorials, eulogies, remembrance and funerals for our loved ones in Spirit. See inside for my favorite collected writings about deat.


You better have some tissue handy when reading these poems for lost loved ones.


There are also some modern poems about loss including a few written by our users such as 'Angel moms' ... Scribbling on the sky the message He is Dead, .... My Life's been full, I savoured much, Good friends, good times, a loved one' touch .


A collection of poems, verses, quotes, sayings for a funeral or celebration of life. ... We have a nice selection of memorial items to remember your loved one.


Only those who have lost can tell. Of the grief that we bear in silence. For the one we loved so well. 27. Peaceful by thy rest, dear mother, Tis sweet to breathe thy ...


Remembrance Poems. Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home is proud to offer this list of memorial tributes / poems. ... Treasured thoughts of one so dear.


Alternatively, one of our poems about brothers can be incorporated into a eulogy speech, or written in a sympathy card. Our collection of funeral poems for a ...