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Mentors: What to say if someone asks you out for coffee - CBS News


Mar 22, 2013 ... There are more efficient ways to suss out a mentoring relationship than spending an hour in Starbucks.

7 Deadly Sins Millennials Make When Approaching Mentors | OPEN ...


An entrepreneur who has a mentor is more likely to succeed. If you haven't found a mentor yet, you may be making one (or more) of these mistakes.

Be My Mentor? Craft the Perfect Email to Someone You Admire


So you have the name and email address of someone you'd love to be your mentor—now what? Read on ... So if you are looking for a writing mentor, say that .

5 mentor mistakes to avoid - Fortune


May 2, 2014 ... Instead, seek out a mentor with a different experience and perspective, one ... When you ask someone to give you advice, you owe the courtesy of ... That means coming to each lunch or coffee meeting with a clear agenda in ...

Finding a Mentor: How to reach out to people you admire - Levo


Sep 27, 2012 ... While reaching out to someone you admire may seem intimidating, it's easier than it seems. ... I am always flattered when young professionals and even my peers reach out to me ... I'd love the opportunity to ask you some questions about how you got ... I totally advocate mentoring during coffee or cocktails!

Three Ways to Nicely Say "No" Without Feeling ... - Manners Mentor


And yet, there we go again saying “yes” to help out on a project, cause, or program, that even ... When Mama asked us to do something, we were taught to say “yes.” ... Also, if someone needs help, true help, I think you want to be the type of person others ..... Quote on one of our office kitchen cabinet doors next to the coffee!

Invite a Mentor for Coffee and Ask These 10 Questions


Sep 3, 2014 ... You finally mustered the nerve to ask a mentor out for a cup of coffee. When you arrive you realize that you are sweating. You can feel ... This whopper of a question will tell you right away if someone will make a good mentor.

4 Things You Must Do When Asking Someone to Mentor You


Feb 20, 2013 ... 4 things to remember when asking someone to mentor you. 1. Be nice. Remember: ... Say yes. Do they want to meet at the coffee shop right by their office? Say yes. ... I'm still trying to figure out how to implement this. Lori says:.

How to Find a Mentor - Fizzle


Having someone experienced and well-connected to coach and guide you is easy to want. ... Imagine if a stranger approached you and asked you to mentor him. ... go to coffee with, people you ask for guidance, and people you call when there's ... could ask a couple of questions or if you could take the person out to coffee.

10 Killer Questions To Make The Most Of Your Mentor Meeting ...


Feb 28, 2014 ... So you finally mustered the nerve to ask a mentor for a cup of coffee. ... When you communicate that you are genuinely willing to give, you will set ... This question usually draws out a hearty laugh, as few people shoot ... This whopper of a question will tell you right away if someone will make a good mentor.

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How Do I Ask Someone to Be My Mentor? - Lifehacker


Aug 25, 2014 ... When you do ask someone to be your mentor, keep in mind that ... who's going to be annoyed every time you ask them out for coffee, or who felt ...

How To Ask Someone For a Coffee Meeting - Life-Long Learner


Rally people to go check it out and then let that person know what you learned ... When someone provides value before asking for my time, I'm much more likely ...

Why You Should Never Ask Someone To Be Your Mentor - Fortune


Oct 5, 2015 ... When you asked them to be your friend, what were your terms? ... If you've never sought out my advice before, why do you think you're now going to ... If you want someone to be your mentor, don't ask them to be your mentor. ... even if one is forged over drinks and gossip and other over coffee and advice.