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The atmosphere of Mercury consists of small amounts of helium, hydrogen, oxygen and sodium. It is very thin.
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Mercury has a very tenuous and highly variable atmosphere (surface-bound exosphere) containing hydrogen, helium, oxygen, sodium, calcium, potassium and ...


Oct 17, 2016 ... The solar wind blasts the closest planet to the sun, leaving it with the thinnest atmosphere of all the planets.


Aug 11, 2010 ... Mercury's thin atmosphere contains hydrogen, helium, and oxygen. It also has smaller amounts of sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium ...


Mercury doesn't have any atmosphere in the normal sense of the word, because what little gas it has is trillions of times thinner than the air at the surface of the ...


When you look at an image of Mercury, it looks like a dry, airless world. But you might be surprised to know that Mercury does have an atmosphere. Not the.


Temperatures on Mercury's surface can reach 800 degrees Fahrenheit (430 degrees ... Because the planet has no atmosphere to retain that heat, nighttime ...


Problem 1 – Draw a pie graph (circle graph) that shows the atmosphere ... mercury has the highest percentage of oxygen making up its atmosphere, the number ...


Mercury has an extremely thin atmosphere which is made up of atoms blasted off its surface by the Solar wind, a constant stream of particles coming from the ...


Among other discoveries, the 2008 Messenger spacecraft mission has revealed new information on the chemicals that make up Mercury's atmosphere.