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Lactate, glucose and O2 uptake in human brain during recovery ...


The a–v difference for lactate increased from 0.02 ± 0.08 mmol l<sup>−1</sup> at rest to 0.39 ... in brain O2 uptake but there is an increase in cerebral glucose uptake (Madsen et al. ... 1990) and in humans during cardiopulmonary resuscitation (Rivers et al. .... Tremolada C, Baccaglini U, Ambrosio F, Merkel C, Nosadini A, Trevisan R, ...

Pathway of Granule Formation in Merkel Cells: An Ultrastructural Study


References Gould et al., 1985 Gould, V.E. Moll, R. Moll, I. Lee, I. Franke, W.W. ... A.S. The Merkel cell J Invest Dermatol 60: (1973) 2-15 Saurat et al., 1984 Saurat, ... et al., 1979 Hartschuch, W. Weihe, E. Büchler, M. Helmstaedter, V. Feurle, ... 91: (1981) 77-103 Orci et al., 1985 Orci, L. Ravazzola, M. Amherdt, M. Madsen, .....

Nonabelian Vortices: Energetics vs Topology - SlideShare


Apr 11, 2016 ... Nonabelian Vortices : Energetics vs Topology Amit Kr. Bhattacharjee IMSc, Chennai April ..... Poenaru et al conjectured long back that due to the non- abelian nature, the defects from ... Madsen et al, Phys. ... Merkel et al, Phys.

Plankton community structure in a West Greenland fjord - Influenced ...


Arendt, K.E., Dutz, J., Jónasdóttir, S.H., Jung-Madsen, S., Mortensen, J.,. Møller ..... V), and I intend to use this paper to place the sub-Arctic fjord system in a broader ... (Merkel et al. ... intermediate layer in the main fjord basin (Mortensen et al.

Genetic basis of skin sensitivity | SpringerLink


Aug 4, 2015 ... Beiras-Fernandez, A., Gallego, R., Blanco, M., et al., Merkel cells, a new localization .... Heidenreich, M., Lechner, S.G., Vardanyan, V., et al., KCNQ4 K(+) channels ..... Tobin, D., Madsen, D., Kahn-Kirby, A., et al., Combinatorial ...

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with a decrease in the glycogen level in the brain (Madsen et al. 1995a). ... The a —v difference for glucose (0·55 ± 0·06 mmol l¢ at rest) did not change.

Participatory Design: The Third Space in HCI - IBM Thomas J ...

www.watson.ibm.com/cambridge/Technical_Reports/2010/TR2010.10 Participatory Design The Third Space in HCI.pdf

(Druin 2002; Guha & Druin, 2008; Hornof, 2008; Xie et al., In Press; see also ... Klær & Madsen, 1995; Kyng & Matthiessen, 1997; Madsen, 1999; McLagan & ... that are used with different conceptual vocabularies by professional vs. non- .... al ., 2005; Kantola et al., 2007; Kuutti et al., 2002; Merkel et al., 2004; Nielsen...

Hunting of migratory birds: disturbance intolerant or ... - BioOne


ences for hunters (Madsen et al. ... Effects vs impacts of hunting disturbance ... al. 1984, Klein et al. 1995). However, if impacts of disturbance are trivial and there is no site specific and ...... Jamieson, S.E., Gilchrist, H.G., Merkel, F.R., Diamond,.

Non-consumptive mortality in copepods: occurrence of Calanus spp ...


Sep 7, 2013 ... This is particularly so in advective marine systems (e.g. Aksnes et al., 1997; Speirs et al., 2004). ... in spring (Madsen et al., 2001; Arnkværn et al., 2005; Leu et al., 2011; Daase et al., 2013). .... and V of C. glacialis and C. finmarchicus in Rijpfjorden (whole water ..... Gabrielsen T.,; Merkel B.,; Søreide J.,; e...

Full Review Twenty-five years of European Union collaboration in ...


30 years ago (reviewed by Rasmussen et al.) ... studies on nephropathology ( reviewed by Bajema et al.), clinical epidemiology (reviewed by Westman et al.) ..... et al. Mycophenolate mofetil vs azathioprine for remission maintenance in antineutrophil .... 44. Jayne D, Merkel P. The RITAZAREM trial. http://www. rarediseases.

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... et al. 1993, Madsen & Fox 1995). A ... through aerial surveys (Merkel et al. ... tant for wintering seabirds (Boertmann et al. ...... Nolan V. & Ketterson E.D. 1983.

Metazooplankton community structure, feeding rate estimates, and ...


Jul 28, 2011 ... (Merkel et al. ... the western Greenland coast (Krawczynski et al. ... (Madsen et al. .... v egica and chaetognaths (Sagitta spp. and Eukrohina sp.).

Thermotropic biaxial nematic order parameters and phase ...


May 26, 2008 ... Citation. C. D. Southern et al 2008 EPL 82 56001. Create citation alert ... Madsen L. A. et al 2004 Phys. Rev. Lett. ... Dong R. Y., Kumar S., Prasad V. and Zhang J. 2007 Chem. Phys. Lett. ... Merkel K. et al 2004 Phys. Rev. Lett.