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Meteor Showers
At certain times of the year we see more meteors than usual. This happens when Earth passes near a comet's orbit and sweeps through debris that the comet has shed. Such events are called meteor showers... More »
Major Meteor Showers:


A meteor shower is a celestial event in which a number of meteors are observed to radiate, or originate, from one point in the night sky. These meteors are ...


As we approach the date of each shower's maximum, be sure to consult the latest AMS article about Meteor Showers, which will provide in depth information on ...


Jan 12, 2017 ... Composite image of 2015 Perseid meteor shower, taken over 3 nights by Scott MacNeill at Frosty Drew Observatory, Charlestown, Rhode ...


May 6, 2017 ... The 2017 Eta Aquariid meteor shower peaked on the mornings of May 5 and 6. But the meteor shower is active between April 19 and May 28, ...


If Earth travels through this stream, we will see a meteor shower. Although the meteors can appear anywhere in the sky, if you trace their paths, the meteors in ...


Mar 3, 2017 ... According to NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke, the Perseids are perhaps the most popular meteor shower of the year. Typical rates are about 80 ...


2 days ago ... This summer, try and catch one of the night sky's most spectacular and accessible shows: a meteor shower. Here are the best of 2017.


May 1, 2017 ... Shooting stars and alien eclipses are among the best sky shows coming up this month.


Local times and where to look for the "shooting stars" from meteor showers all over the world.