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Mewthree is a Pokémon which has never appeared in any game or anime episode, though it has had...

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1 Assumptions of real Pokémon. 1.1 Mewthree. 2 April Fools Pokémon. 2.1 Other prank Pokémon. 3 Fanmade Pokémon; 4 In the anime; 5 See also; 6 External ...
Jun 17, 2008 ... I downloaded chaos black and hacked it a little.I forgot where it was from. Just type in "pokemon chaos" on google.
Apr 17, 2013 ... mewtwo has the power to change from mewtwo to mewthree saw the ... they change his DNA or something like that so he became mewthree.
Apr 6, 2013 ... Nintendo fans, unite!▻ My opinions on the newly released Pokémon design. Just what do you guys think this ...
Feb 28, 2009 ... Her come mew, mewtwo, mewthree and mewfour! enjoy 14k views ty^^ Plz comment^^
Apr 3, 2013 ... A few hours ago, these scans where floating around japanese forums, and they show a NEW MEWTWO FORM, or MewThree. The scans aren't ...

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Mewthree is a popular Fakemon, supposed to be the successor of the powerful Pokémon Mewtwo. The story of Mewthree has been around since the first ...
Apr 18, 2013 ... Everyone saying its not mewthree, this video with BEFORE Mega's was .... All you commenters are right that mewthree is actually mewtwo Y.
Apr 21, 2013 ... The next Pokemon movie will feature the 3rd appearance of MewTwo, so why not make the title special, and call it MewThree?
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Q: Who is Mewthree?
A: Mewthree is possibly one of the most famous fake Pokémon. It appears commonly in fake cheats and fan fiction. Read More »
Q: What is mewthree?
A: its mewtwo from pokemon choas black Read More »
Q: What is mewthree?
A: Mew 3 is a Pokemon that appears in numerous movies. It is basically a genetically modified version Read More »
Q: How to Catch Mewthree in "Soul Silver"
A: 1. Earn each of the Kanto badges by defeating the trainers in each of the eight Kanto gyms, starting with "Vermillion City" and ending with "Viridian City. 2. F... Read More »
Q: How to Catch Mewthree in Pokemon Chaos Black Version.
A: 1. Obtain a Master Ball by defeating Giovanni and speaking with the President of the Silph company. 2. Travel to Knot Island and equip a Pokemon who has learned... Read More »