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A miniature pig is a breed of pig developed and used for medical research or for use as a pet. ... Miniature pigs, also known as micro pigs, pocket pigs, and or teacup pigs, have seen an increase in...

Available Piglets - Genuine Micro Mini Teacup Pet Pigs!


We Breed and Sell Beautiful, Happy and Healthy Micro Mini Teacup Pigs and Juliana Pigs. We have been breeding for years and have a great reputation!

Never Buy a Teacup Pig - Modern Farmer


Mar 14, 2014 ...Teacup pigs” (also sometimes sold as “micro pigs,” “pocket pigs” and “Juliana pigs”) are a marketing scam reaching back at least two decades, ...

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Jun 23, 2015 ... Micro pigs, mini pigs, whatever they are called, these piglets sure are cute and funny. I mean it looks like a baby pig, but that's in fact a cute ...

Janda Exotics Micro Mini Pigs, Pig care and information


Our Mini pigs hold a very special place in our heart and home. Mini pigs are very special and unique animals. If you understand their personalities, and quirks, ...

Why I Cringe When People Buy Pet Mini Pigs -...... micro ... - Vetstreet


Oct 11, 2012 ... Vetstreet's Dr. Patty Khuly discusses the many reasons why she strongly discourages the idea of people keeping pet mini pigs or teacup pigs.

The truth about teacup pigs | Best Friends Animal Society


Apr 1, 2013 ... What could be cuter than a pig who can fit in a teacup, or in a couture purse? In recent years, "teacup" pigs (also called "mini" or "micro" pigs) ...

SoCalMiniPigs.com - Mini pet pigs for sale in Southern California


People use all sorts of terms to describe mini pigs, like micro mini pigs, nano pigs , teacup pigs, pocket pigs, miniature pot belly.. you name it! Really, they are ...

minipocketpigs | Specializing in rare papered micro juliana's & micro ...


PRODUCTS FOR YOUR MINI POCKET PIG! ... We are excited to share TRUE MICRO JULIANA'S AND MICRO MINI”S! They are the most entertaining pets ...

Micro Mini Pigs - PotbellyPigs.com


What is a Micro-Mini Pig? What is a Tea-Cup Pig? Pig O My Heart Potbellies - potbelly pig, potbellied pig, pet pig, pig. Flash. Size is an issue that breeders ...

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Teacup pig information and useful advice on selecting the perfect teacup pig for your family. We have some of the world's smallest. We offer Financing.

'Teacup' Pig - The Dodo


Nov 26, 2014 ... The micro-mini pig craze has exploded over the past few years. There are YouTube pig celebrities. There are "trendsetters" like Victoria ...

want to adopt a "teacup pig"? - scampp


Many breeders are selling pigs they claim will stay tiny, under 35 pounds or so. ... There are many articles on the internet regarding micro-mini and teacup pigs.