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Problems With Microwave Ovens
Microwaving food is convenient and fast, but microwaves are dangerous if used incorrectly, however, and you should not heat some things in them. In addition microwaves are dangerous to repair because of high voltage. Removing the cover is hazardous both... More »
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If your microwave is broken, take a look at some common problems below. Find the problem with your microwave on the list and then click on the appropriate ...

Dec 17, 2013 ... I used your troubleshooting video to find the problem as a shorted diode. I found a 5-pak of microwave diodes on Amazon for about $6.00 with ...


Repairing your microwave might seem like a difficult task, but more than 80% of our customers rate these repairs as “easy” or “really easy.” On average these ...


... of information on microwave oven repair including ... problem for many models of microwave ovens.


Apr 29, 2017 ... While some problems with your microwave will need professional ... The microwave oven is a marvel of science, available right in our kitchens.


Dec 31, 2004 ... Once you become dependent on such a timesaving appliance, you'll need to know how to fix common problems. Avoid opening the microwave ...


Defective outlet or AC circuit problem. 1a. Transfer to electrician. $43 - 58. - Blown fuse. $50 - 66. 2. Display does not illuminate, light works. a. Defective power ...


Jun 10, 2015 ... Other probable causes behind this problem are faulty diodes, capacitor burn, defective door switch and transformer failure. Refer to “No oven ...


You can diagnose and fix any microwave oven with our FREE Microwave Oven Fix Finder troubleshooting and repair guide.