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Iu Mien Americans are Americans, primarily Indochinese refugees, of Iu Mien descent, a subset of the Yao people. This group arrived in between the late 1970s ...


The Iu Mien people are a Southeast Asian subset of the Yao people, a minority group originally from China. Displaced by the Vietnam War, many settled in the ...


The Mien ethnolinguistic minority people in words and pictures.


Mien (North Thailand). Population and Geographical Distribution. The Mien are a sub-group of the Yao in China, and they originated from South-West China.


Dec 19, 2013 ... Mien, also spelled Mian, also called Iu Mien, (in China) Yao, (in Vietnam) Dao, Zao, or Man, peoples of southern China and Southeast Asia.


Legend of the Creation of the Mien People In heaven, there were Daa Ong ( Grandfather) and Daa Gux (Grandmother). One day they decided to create the Yao, ...


See joshuaproject.net for more about - Iu Mien in China :: ... Iu Mien Photo Source: Anonymous. Send us a photo of this people group · Prayer Cards. Population.


Mien or "Mienh/Yao" are nomadic people orignally originated from China. Also, related to the Chinese in bloodline. Some say descendants of the China, but ...


The early history of the Iu-Mien (Yao) is obscure and unclear. ... Nanman is one of two categories assigned to the people of the South, for those who lived in ...


The Highland Yao, also known as the Mien, are people of the mountains and people of learning. Unlike their neighbors, they are villagers with a strong tradition ...