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The International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet, commonly known as the ICAO phonetic ... The spelling alphabet is now also defined in other unclassified international military documents. The NATO alphabet appeared in some United ...


Clear, expedient communication is vital to any military operation, so a special military alphabet is needed to convey ideas.


Learn the Military Alphabet and learn to spell out words phonetically for clear communication. Use our Military Alphabet Tool to convert words and phrases.


The Army, as well as all other branches of the US armed services, currently use the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) alphabet for radio ...


Dec 14, 2016 ... NATO and the U.S. Military use the same phonetic alphabet. However, it is widely accepted and used in international radio communications on ...


Listing of the United States military alphabet code from Alpha to Zulu.


Pre--World War II, WW II/Korean War, Vietnam Era to Present. AFFIRM, ABLE, ALPHA. BAKER, BAKER, BRAVO. CAST, CHARLIE, CHARLIE. DOG, DOG ...


The military alphabet, or more properly the phonetic alphabet, exists in innumerable variants, read all about the Military Alphabet here.


Military personnel as well as some police forces normally use the international radio-telephony spelling alphabet, otherwise commonly refereed to as the military ...


Mar 11, 2016 ... The military alphabet, or more properly the phonetic alphabet, exists in innumerable variants. If any military alphabet can be viewed as the most ...